A stunning coup to Make America Weak Again.


Indeed. That is the most fitting word which describes the Spygate-an Deep State masqueraded coup d’état that, uncovered and illuminated over the past year or two, has secretly been orchestrated by immutable fixtures of American governmental elitist rule unwilling to relinquish their stranglehold over America to the rambunctious and unconventional naysayer known as Trump.

If ever there were an admission that taints the FBI’s secret warrant to surveil Donald Trump’s campaign, it sat buried for more than 2 1/2 years in the files of a high-ranking State Department official.
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kathleen Kavalec’s written account of her Oct. 11, 2016, meeting with FBI informant Christopher Steele shows the Hillary Clinton campaign-funded British intelligence operative admitted that his research was political and facing an Election Day deadline.
And that confession occurred 10 days before the FBI used Steele’s now-discredited dossier to justify securing a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant to surveil former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page and the campaign’s ties to Russia.
Steele’s client “is keen to see this information come to light prior to November 8,” the date of the 2016 election, Kavalec wrote in a typed summary of her meeting with Steele and Tatyana Duran, a colleague from Steele’s Orbis Security firm. The memos were unearthed a few days ago through open-records litigation by the conservative group Citizens United.
Kavalec’s notes do not appear to have been provided to the House Intelligence Committee during its Russia probe, according to former Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.). “They tried to hide a lot of documents from us during our investigation, and it usually turns out there’s a reason for it,” Nunes told me. Senate and House Judiciary investigators told me they did not know about them, even though they investigated Steele’s behavior in 2017-18.

The effort to unseat, ridicule, discredit the President while setting in motion his downfall, spawns daily tendrils that have, at their vilest root, dark beginnings in the most corrupt and power-hungry cellars of America’s political landscape of Establishment elitists.

The Establishment did not, does not, want an America that prospers and bucks the stagnant paradigm; it wants the same old discourse, the standard script that has kept their unyielding rule to continue unabated for another generation.

Until Trump broke the chain.

And there are many Leftimentarians that still cling tenaciously to the Trump-Russia narrative like desperate little spite-creatures.

Someone’s gonna get hurt.


When key witnesses die just before testifying, our “script” radar goes on alert…

Makes you go hmm. Raised eyebrows.

A key witness scheduled to testify this week in the involuntary manslaughter trial involving a Northern California warehouse fire that killed 36 people has died in a car crash, prosecutors told a judge Monday.

Alameda County prosecutors had planned to call Robert Jacobitz to testify this week in the trial of Derick Almena and Max Harris, each charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the Dec. 2, 2016, fire in an Oakland warehouse during an unpermitted music concert.

Prosecutors say they turned the warehouse into an unsafe entertainment venue and residence.

Almena and Harris are certainly an unsettling pair of gentlemen who you might want to avoid crossing antagonistic paths with.

Harris, 29, and Almena, 49, are charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the fire during a illegal music party at the warehouse at 1309 31st Ave. in December 2016. It was the deadliest fire in Oakland history and in the United States since 2003.

I’d like to know more of the details of Jacobitz’s accident. Not all car accidents are created “equal” and…you know. This is a little odd. Jacobitz certainly had enough dirt to offer regarding Almena’s “shortcuts.”

Los Angeles ❤ Barack

It’s getting out of hand.

Living in California is tiresome in itself thanks to the innate political landscape, flagrant taxation and its Third-World geological fault-sized chasm between the haves and the rest of us.

But living in Los Angeles is beyond description. There are parts of California where you can escape the leftist, Democratic quagmire that suffocates all political discourse and balanced expression. If you’re really intent. But if you’re in Los Angeles, you’re trapped behind enemy lines. Forget escape or shelter. This is a company town full of virtue-signaling Liberals and concern-Leftista’s and urban-snark flitterati, and if you are looking to distance yourself from the showbiz political malarkey that shapes pop culture and the mass media, you will literally need to leave town.

This is no country of Conservative Men. If so, you’re out of your element, buddy. Hope you’re not here for the love!

And if there is any doubt that Los Angeles is done for, and in a to-go doggy bag, consider one thing: this city of 4 million truly loves Barack Obama. The infatuation is not cute. In fact, it strikes me as stalker uneasy.

First, there was the freeway.

City officials saw it direly necessary to re-brand a portion of the 134 Freeway in the Northeast part of the city to “President Barack H. Obama Highway.”

Now, scaling down the magnificence of our ex-President, city officials have named a street after America’s first Shonda Rhimes Presidential caricature.

The city of Los Angeles on Saturday renamed a section of a road as Obama Boulevard in honor of the 44th president of the United States.

The name unveiling happened at 5 p.m. during a ceremony and day-long festival to celebrate the historic occasion. 

Obama Boulevard has replaced 3 1/2 miles of what was Rodeo Road between Mid-City and Culver City. The stretch of road intersects with Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and further establishes a “presidential row” that includes Washington, Adams and Jefferson boulevards. 

Not to be outdone, representatives of the African-American community here in the City of the Angels are indulging is a garish bit of cultural appropriation as they seek to re-brand, once again, another historic cultural moniker for the sake of All that is Obama.

Throw out your old stationary!