Death is in the eye of the beholder…

This is actually a very poignant cartoon.

Life is a spectrum of unpleasantness. How we delineate and accept this fact is a measure of the depth of our maturity and wisdom.

Seems that in today’s world, certain “elements” have a spiritual disorder that renders them incapable of discerning the difference between Senior Reaper and Junior Reaper.

Kamala Harris out-Commied in San Francisco.

MoveOn dot org hosted a leftward tilting forum in San Francisco today.

MoveOn, San Francisco…you get the idea. It’s not that tricky, and I’m not impressed by your assumptions!

The collection of aspiring Marxist and environmental do-gooders composing the forum’s lineup is breathtaking (and so is jumping off NIagra Falls, I suppose).

The syrupy liberalism that oozes from such a line-up will surely drive a normal man to madness. And it appears to have driven a degenerate manbun-toting animal rights Commie to madness today during Kamala Harris’ “Big Ideas” appearance.

The ruckus which ensued after the stage-rush is every bit as degenerate a fest as we would expect anytime you have a congregation of such like-minded Left Coast folks in such a confined space.

Most surprising to me was the unexpected appearance of Mickey Mouse at the event. We knew Disney’s liberal tilt was beyond repair, but wow…even the cast members?

The Chief from Virginia Beach and his vacuous symbolism.

I used to call them platitudes.

They devolved to virtue signals.

I’m talking about this kind of irksome foolishness. I’ve given it a new name.

Virginia Beach Police Chief, James Cervera (I will not repeat his name) held a somber press conference in which he announced (with Serious Face) that his department will only name the suspect in yesterday’s mass shooting that left 12 people dead once. Just once.

As if performing some great feat of benevolence, and for the dignity and respect to all that is righteous and dignified in this world, he will never utter the name again.

Oh, the name?

DeWayne Craddock, of course.

The new phrase for this sanctimoniousness?

Vacuous Symbolism.

Pathetic displays of virtue that everyone knows don’t matter at all, and in fact, accomplish nothing other than alerting the world to the fact that the person uttering said stupidity lives in a blinded bubble of pernicious irrelevance.

Who are you trying to please and why do we care, Police Chief of Virginia Beach?

What else is there about “DeWayne” will you not repeat? I have one guess…