Lucy Brown, writing in Medium, quickly slips from annoyance to murderous rage (and the Right is the focus of her menstrual vengeance). She calls for an all out Left-Wing Fatwa.

Lucy Brown, riddled with Leftist malapropisms and self-righteous doofusness, is far from the mark on this one. The word she’s struggling for is “irreverent.”

The Far-Right is not light-hearted.

It is not succumbing to ill-timed hilarity. Nothing of the sort.

The Far-Right is irreverent. Painfully so. Irreverence is that ethereal quality which makes those of us on this end of the political spectrum so charmingly despicable. We love being the bad guys, we adore triggering the fair-minded cretins of social conformity in today’s cultural environment.

Lucy Brown is bothered by our irreverence, or, as she tries to shrug off, our laughter!

From Tommy Robinson’s embarrassing milkshake attack (and subsequent follow-up dairy assaults), to the removal of hate-figures such as Paul Joseph Watson, MILO and Laura Loomer from Facebook and Instagram — sufficed to say it’s not looking good for them.

Strangely enough, they seem to find all of this funny.

This worrying new trend of using humour ‘against the odds’ seems to be growing.

We’re trying everything we can to ensure these people are not given anybreaks in life. From preventing them from travelling abroad to engage in hate-weddings, to closing down their bank accounts and, now, encouragingmembers of the public to throw food stuffs at them — we are working day and nightaround the clock to make sure their lives are as miserable and difficult as possible.

Mz. Brown, being the humorless Leftist that she is, fails to understand that the core essence of today’s Right is in glaring upward from the depths of this Hades-like existence that normal culture bans us to because we refuse to humor the idiocy and platitudes that have come to define a Liberal mindset in 2019.

The guiding fuel that drives the “new right” is an unruly irreverence in the face of today’s repressed culture that is obsessed with equality, fairness, egalitarianism and bland diversity at the expense of an objective paradigm to guide our society.

In fact, the more the Left tries to shame us and shut us up and drape their cold tampons over our behavior, the more we act out.

Yes, it is a form of defiance.


The more we try to crush them, the more brazen and disobedient they become. Is it too late? Are these people irredeemable? Perhaps we have been too soft on them by simply shutting down their funding, access to social media and their very right to appear in public without being pelted by rotten food and liquids.

It is time to admit that the only way we can truly win against the far-right is to kill them.

Then, and only then, will we be truly free from their hate.

Well that escalated quickly. Behind the laughter roars the rage of the modern Liberal.

I don’t know, Mz. Brown. I thought you disliked our laughter, but it appears you just can’t handle being disregarded.


The Leftist hit list: you just might be next.

It’s easy to lapse into complacency. It’s difficult to sustain vigilance when the day begins innocuously.

The slow encroachment of totalitarian Leftism assures that we, on on the vociferous Right, are being lulled into the warm comfort of a tumultuous pot of water that is incrementally headed toward a deadly boil. We watch as heads are lopped. We exclaim and protest privately into the futility of our Echo Domains.

But we resume our lives. Our voices, faint, seek security in the anonymity of diminutive cyber-presence.

No one visits, I’m tiny. I blog!

But the wave is portentous. The muzzle of virtuous leftism grows, emboldened by a society steered by mainstream venues of conformity that spouts a mind-numbing bland monotony of quips and smug affectations.

The big voices are first to be trampled.

Fueled by young victory, emboldened, the tidal wave subsumes all in its wake, down to the smallest voices. The faintest whispers of uncooperative and reckless rebellion quashed by liberal culture.

E-lez-abeth Warren, enemy of the state, preaching Leftist-enabled helplessness.

What was once amusement and casual indifference, maybe a little mild annoyance (all that Pocahontas bullshit and her weird Native-American appropriation), with this Socialist has turned to searing contempt.

Fuck her. How dare she has the gall to say this.

Nobody in America succeeds on their own. Government-funded labs are fueling world-changing innovations. Much of American wealth was built through government-sponsored home equity. Strong American businesses are powered by American workers educated in public schools. Their goods are brought to market on roads funded by taxpayers.

Warren’s commentary was inspired by a Chase Bank tweet giving customers advice on saving money. 

Warren wrote:

Chase Bank fired off a tweet last week staging a hypothetical conversation between one of its customers and her bank account. The customer asks why her account balance is low, and the bank tells her not to go out for food or coffee when she can make it at home instead, or to spend money on a cab when she can just walk. The customer pretends not to listen. “I guess we’ll never know,” she says, brushing off her low balance and the bank’s “advice” on how to manage her money.

When I read that tweet, it hit me like a punch in the gut — but not for the reason Chase intended.

The thing is, she is merely at the forefront of millions of dolts who think just like her. A swarm of impending American collapse brought to you by the new generation of consumerist, helpless robots. Enjoy the fall, my friends.