IQ threshold for owning cell phone. A modest proposal that might clean up the psychic landscape.

And if you think that’s harsh, take a look at yet another one of these ghetto-attention-whore videos. And think about it…it’s all I ask.

Terrance Matthews, just another nameless scourge of society, had a bad day, so he stabbed a couple members of his ex-girlfriend’s family. Normal stuff.

Look at the guy. Imbecility rolls of that cave-face like hot oil. My visual IQ algorithm low-level detector went wild.

I ask, again.

Do people like this need “fancy” phones? I propose that anyone with an IQ of less than 95 not be allowed to own any brand, series or type of smart phone. A sub-95 IQ will get you a basic flip phone for communication (maybe texting) needs only. Mentally deficient people (of all colors) have proven to be wildly and horrifically unable to handle the responsibilities of owning an electronic contraption that allows you to broadcast yourself in any number of situations.

Would it have prevented the murders of Ishon Mathiln Jr. and Jennifer Vassell? Highly doubtful, but it would have prevented us from having to endure yet another glimpse into the void that is the mind of a deranged, soulless member of society.