Pepperidge Farm remembers justice before hashtags when La Manada would have been puppified by real men.

See, in the Olden Times, this shit would have been dealt with on a more “personal” level. Bullshit hashtaggery and Social Virtue Movements were not a thing and there was no stupid rallying cry around publicized incidents as justification and rationale for whiny victimization causes.

In the Olden Times, it wouldn’t matter what this was officially termed. Rape, sexual abuse, whatever. There was no self-righteous parsing back then.

We all knew what it was, not what it was called. Terms and nomenclature are the preoccupation of the weak and victimized.

The five men known as the “wolf pack” got nine years in jail when they were cleared of gang rape but convicted of the lesser charge of sexual abuse.

Prosecutors have called on the court to upgrade the conviction to rape.

The attack prompted Spain to announce a review of its rape laws.

In July 2016, when the city of Pamplona was holding its traditional San Fermin bull-running festival, the 18-year-old woman was dragged into the hallway of a residential building. The five men removed her clothes and had unprotected sex with her.

Some of them filmed it on their phones. The woman’s phone was also stolen and she was found reportedly in a distraught state.

They sent the video around their WhatsApp chat group, called “La manada” (the wolf pack), and the video has since become central to the question of whether they raped the woman or sexually abused her.

A police report said she had kept her eyes closed at all times, showing a “passive or neutral” expression throughout.

The girl’s culpability and stupidity aside, one cannot deny her honor was defiled. And one must ask if today’s young women even have “honor” left in their vapid little souls, but let’s assume for a moment that there is a trace remaining.

Forget the tag we put on this. Forget the symbolism and “No Means No” farcical posturing by women’s groups in response to this incident in Spain.

Forget that.

In the olden times, one, two, maybe all the wolves, would have had to answer to this girl’s brothers, cousins, boyfriend, father…and “justice” would have been exacted in the intimate confines of the street, not the histrionic landscape of social media.