Big Brother’s overreach continues in NZ. It’s now a hate crime to simply not give a shit.

So Philip Neville Arps is the latest victim of New Zealand sacrificial lamb-dom’s quasi-totalitarian nicey-nice brigade that has spawned in the wake the Chistchurch Muslim slaughter of 50 people on March 15.

Poor guy.

He didn’t even pull a trigger, he didn’t incite Brenton Tarrant, he didn’t even throw bacon at a mosque. He didn’t shout at a bunch of Muslim children.

Nope. Arps’ most grievous action was not that he distributed the infamous live-stream recording of Tarrant’s mow-down of groups of Islamic worshipers, but that he dared to eschew adornment of concern and platitudes that was the implied manner of reacting to the mass killing. In fact, he was downright dismissive of the self-righteous wailing and lamenting that was embodied in the actions and sanctimonious preaching of New Zealand’s horse-faced PM, Jacinda Ardern.

Arps, 44, sent the video to a friend asking for a ‘kill count’ to be added for humorous purposes. He also distributed the raw video to 30 others.

Judge Stephen O’Driscoll referred to his callousness and cruelty, and lack of remorse for the victims.

Arps did not harm anyone. He committed no direct act of violence or aggression. He just didn’t care to mimic the hollow concern-whoring that was decked out in solemnity in the days following the mosque shootings. And for this, he will spend almost two years in prison.


Philip Neville Arps

He said the prospect of rehabilitation, or him changing his views on religion or race is virtually non-existent.

The offending glorified the mass murder carried out under the “pretext of racial hatred”, Judge O’Driscoll said.

“You have strong and unrepentant views towards the Muslim community.

“You committed the offence because of your hostility towards a group based on their religion.”

Judge O’Driscoll said distributing the video the day after the attack demonstrated “particular cruelty and callousness”.

So culpability is now a function of manners and offense, not one of actions and bodily harm or mayhem. In New Zealand, the judicial system is in the business of scolding and legislating legality of bad attitudes.

Big Brother down under, readying itself in the Northern Hemisphere. Be prepared to express charades of sweet nothings and sadness, or you too may find yourself in an orange penal outfit.