Entangled but not dead.

A trained unprofessional non-expert clueless layman asks rhetorically. This. 

What if we parsed time so minutely, so astronomically fine-grained, with the help of advanced instrumentation and cosmic technologies, that our equipment’s measurement would render that which we measured cognitively incomprehensible? Such instruments would exist in our large-scale human reality, our realm of sensory experience, as that which we can control and witness through our limited earth-bound senses, but concomitantly, so sophisticated that it would peer into the most microscopic temporal slivers that exceed our comprehension. 

We would experience a technological dichotomy. Instruments which deliver an invisible reality in the language of our accessible and unsophisticated 3-dimensionally-evolved biological senses. The invisible physical reality captured by our instruments, incomprehensible in its raw form, made misleadingly tangible when rendered for our simple engagement. 

But the instruments can only deliver the information payload in everyday human physical language, an unrefined delivery system that is incapable of conveying the infinite obscurity unveiled within the magical quantum scale afforded by the instruments. 

If time were parsed beyond our comprehension, we would be unable to perceive such data because our sense of sight and temporal embrace lacks the resolution to delve as deeply as that tool we designed to view hidden realities. We’ve constructed tools that allow us to conjure a world beyond our comprehension. It is Godly. 

Time, deconstructed into parcels of itself that we cannot experience… When we beg the equipment to show us one such parcel, merely presents us the unambiguous rendition our senses can handle: there, or here. The infinite range and its spectrum’s ladder unseen by our eyes, but seen by the instrument.

Our interpretation does not capture the astronomical sophistication. 

What if our instrument’s measurements are cheapened by our limited 3-dimensional perception? The only solution would be to refine our senses to the same calibration as our machines: to experience Experience as gods.  Or machines.

We are defining abstract infinitude in the limited parlance of our 3D world.

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