Has Mexico finally bought a clue…?

I certainly hope…

Look, it’s not rocket science. Mexico’s conduct at its own incoming border tells us what they expect all borders to look like. If it allows Central Americans to flow through so freely, we certainly don’t expect that Mexico’s Northern border signifies much, either.

Until Trump.

Maybe. Mexico appears to have amplified its response to the Central American migrant invasion at its Southern border.

Mexican soldiers, armed police and migration officials blocked hundreds of migrants after they crossed the border from Guatemala in a caravan into southern Mexico on Wednesday, and detained dozens of them, a witness from a migrant aid group and an official said.

The Mexican response in the border town of Metapa, which included dozens of soldiers, marked a toughening of the government’s efforts to curb the flow of mainly Central American migrants, said Salva Cruz, a coordinator with Fray Matias de Cordova.

“That many sailors and military police, yes, it’s new,” Cruz said, by WhatsApp, from Metapa, in the southern border state of Chiapas, where the vast majority of migrants from Central America cross into Mexico. Many are asylum seekers fleeing violence and poverty in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

The operation in Chiapas coincided with a meeting of Mexican and U.S. officials at the White House on Wednesday to thrash out a deal that would avoid blanket tariffs on Mexico threatened by U.S. President Donald Trump last week.

Trump announced the tariffs in retaliation for what he called Mexico’s failure to stop Central American migrants from reaching the U.S. border.

For Mexico, the choice is stark. The immigrants flooding the United States are largely from Central America; that’s your “plate” and both Mexico and the United States must do their part. Team effort, pues?

On Wednesday afternoon in Mexico City, police detained Irineo Mujica, director of the U.S.-Mexico migrant aid group Pueblo Sin Fronteras, and Cristobal Sanchez, a migrant rights activist, according to Alex Mensing, a coordinator with the group.

Pueblo Sin Fronteras has for several years guided annual caravans through Mexico, seeking to protect migrants and to advocate for their rights along a 2,000-mile trail ridden with criminals and corrupt officials who prey on lone travelers through kidnapping, extortion and other forms of assault.


Now prosecute them; these groups are fomenting an invasion of our country, its leaders deserve nothing less than a military invader’s welcome. I’m sure the cartels can lend some “assistance.”

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