Diners in Detroit skin the reparations cat (one way or the other).

I believe there are certain lazy aspects to some subcultures which causes them to usurp legal and formalized behavior. In other words, some groups are too lazy to do things the “right” way and they defer to collective illegality. And then call it a right, or “payback.”

Illegal immigration is one. Who needs to fill out forms and stand in bureaucratic lines when you can just skip over the American border without having to contend with all the Federal nonsense?

Reparations for African-Americans is another.

Why endure the lengthy rigmarole of legislative agony when you can just extract reparations on the spot?

The troublesome nature of Black diners is legendary, but rather than damn this ethnicity as low-level cheap-ass thieves too lazy and gluttonous to be honest and honorable free-tipping diners, we should instead look at it from an alternative angle: this is payback, bitches.

Black reparation will happen one way or another!

If not in the halls of Congress, then in the dining rooms of restaurants across America. A drop at a time.