E-lez-abeth Warren, enemy of the state, preaching Leftist-enabled helplessness.

What was once amusement and casual indifference, maybe a little mild annoyance (all that Pocahontas bullshit and her weird Native-American appropriation), with this Socialist has turned to searing contempt.

Fuck her. How dare she has the gall to say this.

Nobody in America succeeds on their own. Government-funded labs are fueling world-changing innovations. Much of American wealth was built through government-sponsored home equity. Strong American businesses are powered by American workers educated in public schools. Their goods are brought to market on roads funded by taxpayers.

Warren’s commentary was inspired by a Chase Bank tweet giving customers advice on saving money. 

Warren wrote:

Chase Bank fired off a tweet last week staging a hypothetical conversation between one of its customers and her bank account. The customer asks why her account balance is low, and the bank tells her not to go out for food or coffee when she can make it at home instead, or to spend money on a cab when she can just walk. The customer pretends not to listen. “I guess we’ll never know,” she says, brushing off her low balance and the bank’s “advice” on how to manage her money.

When I read that tweet, it hit me like a punch in the gut — but not for the reason Chase intended.

The thing is, she is merely at the forefront of millions of dolts who think just like her. A swarm of impending American collapse brought to you by the new generation of consumerist, helpless robots. Enjoy the fall, my friends.