C.J. Hopkins pens the paragraph of the moment summing up Trumpism.

There are times I grasp for words like straws.  I grasp, grasp, but the semantic string, the narrative, the prose, will not unfold like my mind desires.

In other words:  I’m at a loss for words, and what I do come up with sorely lacks the depth, nuance, wit, to articulate my expression adequately, much less forcefully.

It’s times like this that I appreciate when another writer forms a paragraph that miraculously conveys that which rumbled helplessly in my head.  I could have sat in front of my screen for months and never come with a fraction of the words that the writer did.  In another dimension, I wrote that

So C.J. Hopkins, writing a piece, Mueller-Dämmerung, at The Unz Review, managed that very feat today.

Writing of the blowback to ensue when Robert Muller’s investigative report is made public, or at least, its ostensible inability to find a legitimate reason to recommend further indictments against President Trump, Hopkins fantastically writes this stellar summation of the mechanics behind the rise of Trumpism in 2016:


Back in November of 2016, the American people were so fed up with the neoliberal oligarchy that everyone knows really runs the country that they actually elected Donald Trump president. They did this fully aware that Trump was a repulsive, narcissistic ass clown who bragged about “grabbing women by the pussy” and jabbered about building “a big, beautiful wall” and making the Mexican government pay for it. They did this fully aware of the fact that Donald Trump had zero experience in any political office whatsoever, and was a loudmouth bigot, and was possibly out of his gourd on amphetamines half the time. The American people did not care. They were so disgusted with being conned by arrogant, two-faced, establishment stooges like the Clintons, the Bushes, and Barack Obama that they chose to put Donald Trump in office, because, fuck it, what did they have to lose?


What he said.



Step 1: extermination. No need for Step 2.

Firstly, kudos to KCBS here in Los Angeles for even naming the suspect.

Did they not get the memo?


The suspect is a transient known for frequenting Metro stations from Compton to Santa Monica. He is described as a black man with brown eyes, between 5-foot-7 and 5-foot-10, and weighs 165 to 180 pounds. He has a shaved head, wears an earring in his right ear, and has a 2- to 3-inch scar on his left forearm.


Every other MSM outlet would simply have left the race of the suspect frighteningly and mysteriously unsaid;  a very unhelpful description of a dangerous person who people are encountering daily in their commuting lives (me included).

The crime?


A homeless man known for hanging around Metro stations through Los Angeles is wanted for beating and raping a woman who had asked him for directions.

The sexual assault happened at about 6 p.m. on March 14 in the 1500 block of North Vermont, when the woman asked for directions, according to Los Angeles police.

Detectives say the suspect lured her into a secluded emergency exit-room at the Metro Red Line Station, where he strangled, punched, and raped her.


Yep, as a frequent rider on the Red Line, I can attest to this.

The homeless element makes public commuting in this town a noxious, nausea-inducing experience and I’m curious as to the ridership lost due to homeless avoidance.  I personally have no problem co-existing with the dregs.  I have the ability to tune out, ignore and enmesh myself in a personal bubble, but I can certainly see how the homeless element on the Red Line might scare many civilized people away.

The solution is simple, really.  Large-scale extermination.

These people are trash and serve no purpose other than to prove to ourselves that we live in some grand, benevolent society, but it’s all a facade, a big fat lie.  Our society is shit, and it’s crumbling, and it can take care of no one well.  If you wanted to be treated well in our Coastal zones, be a Liberal Elitist.  That’s your pathway to happiness.  Otherwise, forget it.  Move, get the fuck out of dodge.  Or stay and embrace this third world shithole dynamic that is engulfing big cities across America.

The Black population, with its deconstructed, gutted familial structure, is highly represented in the lunatic homeless class. Just about every homeless person is Black.  Most are insane, and most harmlessly so.  But there are some that strike me as wild, deadly uncaged creatures managing to barely masquerade as civilized humans, and they walk among us.  Sometimes, there is a collision, such as what happened last week on the Red Line.

Extermination is the only solution.