Wondering what it takes to be a man? The Merby’s will tell ya as soon as they cum back from their sperm whale expedition.

As if it’s not difficult enough to grasp the last fleeting milligrams of dignity and sanity available to men in today’s deranged post-post-modernist society, now we need to listen to a bunch of faggots lecture us about masculinity??


A group of Canadian mermen has put their shiny fishtails on for a good cause.

The Newfoundland & Labrador Beard and Moustache Club has joined the fight against gender stereotypes and toxic masculinity donning their best mermen outfits.

The group, known as Merby’s, has produced a calendar featuring all body shapes and including trans guys and non-binary people.

Their name is a combination of the word ‘mermen’ and the Newfoundland term ‘b’y’, which has become a gender-neutral term similar to buddy.


Enjoy the ride and enjoy the moment, for the sun is sinking quickly, my friends.