What’s a black man…

gotta do??

I can tell you one thing:  in the year 2019, it does not involve 20th century parental justice.

Sorry dude.  I suspect your intentions were good.


Buckeye Police officials say a 39-year-old man is accused of whipping a child with a belt.

According to a statement released Wednesday afternoon, Robert Sumler is facing felony aggravated assault on a minor and felony child abuse charges. Police officials say officers responded to an elementary school at around 11:00 a.m. Tuesday, after school staff observed injuries on a juvenile girl. Police later received information that the girl was hit with a belt by Sumler, who is her father, the night before.

According to police officials, police saw several large belt strike marks on the girl’s legs and arms that were welted and bruised. Later on, Sumler admitted to hitting the girl in the butt and legs with his belt as discipline, because he was notified that the girl had gotten in trouble at school. Sumler also said he was not aware of the injuries caused, as the girl was wearing pants at the time.



“Dissenter” – Gab’s new commenting tool that acts as a “forum diaspora.”

The dissident right naysayers over at Gab have designed and implemented Dissenter, a quasi-forum that poses as an appendage commenting section to any URL you choose to comment on. You are thus allowed to “comment” on any story (granted, only to other Dissenter members) that you would otherwise be unable to comment upon due to lack of membership or closed comments, or because you just don’t want to participate in that’s site’s dynamic.

It’s rather clever and very entertaining.

Think of it as a regular internet forum that engages as a Dissenter comment section linking back to said stories’ or articles’ URL. All your comments are housed within the structure of Dissenter’s diffuse forum so you will find that almost all Dissenter comments tend to be very conservative, and if you enjoy the occasional echo chamber vibe (which I certainly do), you’ll find a welcoming home here.



If you are a Gab member you can use your normal credentials to log into Dissenter and an extension is offered for various browsers…a “1-click” Dissenter commenting tool.  If not, application for membership is easy.

Check it out. This alternative platform of a discussion forum disguised as a centralized commenting tool has lots of potential.

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Caramel has a toll, too.

So there’s this chick with 4 names.  Her name goes on and on, it seems.

Alicia Marie Claire Ashley


Anyway, she was drama-whoring it up on Facebook. She’s apparently White and her choice in men doesn’t indicate a very refined filtering mechanism.

Don’t believe me?



Anyhow, in the Facebook post linked above, she tells us,


So for the past 2 and half years I’ve been threw more shit then I’ve ever been in with anyone ! I’ve been spit on, choked, called down to my lowest, cheated on, and beat up even when I was pregnant but enoughs enough for me and I’m done now so if you choose to involve your self with Dolla Sign this is what will happen to you. Stay clear from him he’s nothing but a women beater and a cheater and a junkie . Stand up for ur self ladies don’t let a man do this to you !


Lazy misspellings aside, it’s obvious her physical abuse has finally pushed her over the edge and public retribution is her last resort.

Until she runs back to her tormentor because they all go back. I don’t have much faith in the female species and Alicia doesn’t appear the type to phenomenally prove me wrong.

Especially when considering the important fact that “Dolla Sign” fulfills other…expectations in this standard drama of the vacuousness of modern women.


Presumed innocent cause women would never publicly lie about this kind of thing, right?


Coal comes in many shades. Burn the coal, or melt the caramel…the end result doesn’t differ much.

The road to mindcrimes is paved with protected characteristics.

Apropos of my post the other day and my conjectural “BUID” (Boot-Up Interlock Device), we learn that Europe continues to be at the forefront of a deadly form of benevolent tyranny.


Tommy Robinson, the far-right founder of the English Defence League, has been permanently banned from Facebook and Instagram for repeatedly breaking the sites’ policies on hate speech, Facebook said.

The company said Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, broke rules that ban public calls for violence against people based on protected characteristics; rules that ban supporting or appearing with organised hate groups; and policies that prevent people from using the site to bully others.

The decision to ban Robinson from the social media site could threaten his ability to reach large audiences.



Robinson is already banned from Twitter and the decision to cut him off from Instagram and Facebook will leave him reliant on YouTube as the only major online platform to provide him with a presence.


“Protected characteristics” is so ingratiatingly British.  Like all good entryways to tyranny, it is an ambiguous phrase teeming with many gradations of interpretation and political manipulation of the hypnotic sort.

Political manipulation of the hypnotic sort is the Left’s purview at this point in history;  the fight has begun.






Macron put a feather in his hat and called himself Peaceable Tyrant…

Is Emmanuel for real?

France’s leader never fails to prove himself the living embodiment of the timeless consternation that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Does Macron have the faintest self-awareness of the dignity implicit in the mandate of personal liberty and democratic privilege? In placating his petty social abhorrences, he appears to have little problem erecting barriers between mankind and self-respecting freedom.


Emmanuel Macron has suggested that anyone who has been convicted of ‘hate speech’ should lose access to social media platforms for life.

The French President brought the online censorship idea up at the annual dinner of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France, stating that a new way to tackle online hate speech should be tabled for May.

“The European fight must continue, but it is too slow,” Macron said comparing those convicted of hate speech to football hooligans banned from attending football matches.

France is set to “embed” regulators in Facebook to examine how effectively the social network tackles “hate speech,” according to Breitbart.

How the government will enforce, the ban remains unclear with Secretary of State for Digital Affairs Mounir Mahjoubi saying, “the IP address is what Twitter has on each user who publishes a message on its platform. It must, as soon as possible, send it to the justice system to quickly identify the author and then ‘we can continue.’”


“Embedded regulators” is a frightening intrusion made more threatening by its nefarious ambiguity, but the method shamelessly screams “EU.”

French officials are tossing the “IP address” threat around and undoubtedly the kernels of a global European technological dictatorship (in the name of good intentions and freedom from human cruelty everywhere) are ferociously churning out new totalitarian schemes of apprehending and punishing wrongthink, and of digital manners of enforcing said schemes.

I didn’t imagine, when I wrote this post 9 years ago, that reality would loosely mimic the farcical theme of that (very fictional and satirical) essay.

Entitled, “The Boot-Up Interlock Device and my Federal sentence,” I hesitantly reprint it here since I don’t wish to plant any new ideas in Macron’s head.

But it’s fitting.


From November 10, 2010:

What is it about that damned Facebook that has such a knack for stealing all media attention? Facebook is enjoying that rare groove right now in which the entirety of pop culture is paying tribute to the social site in a variety of manners, fashions, and insanities. Facebook, like the massive global-sized snowball it is, is exponentially accumulating enigmatic levels of publicity by virtue of its own growing voluminous reputation. It’s quite a sight to behold.

One such instance was a news item I read today which detailed a new software which is integrated as a browser plug-in. The software allows the user to designate a time period when they must be prompted to pass certain sobriety “tests” similar to those police officers subject you to after you’re caught weaving down the road. If the software detects your failure to pass, it shuts you down from posting on Facebook or Twitter.

“While there are no traffic tickets or confiscation of computers involved, failure to pass would result in the application posting an update stating, ‘You are too intoxicated to post right now.’”

While this is certainly an ingenious application which targets those areas online drunks are most prone to make wildly and regrettably public pronouncements of loaded insanity (and the ensuing embarrassment of living down a post they’ve made to their wall before they can wake up the next morning and hastily delete it in the midst of a splitting headache…by which time who knows how many have read it), it clearly is a patchwork band-aid remedy riddled with loopholes and workarounds that will be rendered useless in the path of a determined and clever drunk who is determined to make a cyber ass of himself.

Little-known is the presence of a severe and nearly failsafe punitive measure presently in place which prevents many from signing on to the internet, in any measure, before first passing a simple physical test attesting to one’s sobriety. As I discovered first-hand recently.

Let me first state that due to numerous instances of drunken online contributions, my drunken and boisterous presence eventually drew the attention of certain authorities. I’m convinced that spiteful and conniving complaints were made on the behalf of several cloaked enemies I have through the cyber kingdom. Enough complaints of my overstated and creepy drunken online behavior (further aided by my shameless public admissions to such online behavior) and federal legal authorities saw it in their jurisdictional meddling to intervene and clamp down on my sodden cyber-behavior. I found myself withstanding a ridiculous micro-trial in the Federal Courthouse here in Los Angeles. Due to the fact my salary surpassed certain minimal levels, I was forced to hire my own attorney, a ridiculous numbskulled law school flunky who hadn’t the slightest clue how to conduct such a novel defense as my own. He bumbled his way through the proceedings, and never once did the wet spots behind his ears dry out. The dude cost too much money and all I had to show for it were separate indictments for Public Drunkenness and Disturbing The Peace. When all was said and done, I had paid in excess of $5,000 for legal fees and fines. At least I wasn’t thrown in jail, which was a ludicrously real possibility.

In fact, the only reason I did not receive a jail sentence was due to the alternative sentence imposed by a Federal judge who shall remain nameless (but I will volunteer the fact that he is a dead ringer for an Asian Jay Leno). I had never heard of such a device, and the coldness of the intrusive horror was only dampened by the prospect of avoiding being locked in a Federal Penitentiary if I agreed to subject myself to such a renunciation of civil liberties.

The device, called a Boot Up Interlock Device (BUID), is similar in principle (and function) to the Ignition Interlock Device utilized by many traffic courts across the country to punish habitual drunk drivers by forcing them to install the device which is attached to their ignition switch and will not allow the car to start until the punished driver breathes a clean “zero” reading into the breathalyzer.

My sentence stated that I must connect the BUID to my home desktop computer for 1-1/2 years. I was responsible for installation and monthly “rent.” The installation cost was $125 and the monthly fee was $65 (for 18 months, quite a chunk of cash)! Still, I was required to install a “portal” on my computer through which I needed to log in every time I signed on to the internet. All my historical passwords, accounts, usernames, credit cards, email addresses and other personal info were collected by the Feds during their investigation and sentencing; these were fed into the Federal mainframe and used as indicators and red flags to detect internet use on my part outside the portal or BUID…ie, unauthorized computer use. Any unathorized use of another computer not hooked up to my BUID was punishable by immediate incarceration and seizure of all my computing equipment. The fuckers were all over it. In the fashion typical of punitive justice meted down on drunks, I would only be eligible for this program if my computer met certain minimum requirements involving RAM, operating system and processor speed, disk space, a webcam and a USB 2.0 port. If I had a cheap or old computer, I was not elibible to surf the internet for a year and a half. I could only use the internet if I could prove I was sober while using it.

I thought back of all those years of internet use in varying states of flagrant drunken debauchery while splayed out in my living room. Blog posts, blog comments, made amidst the deepest of inebriated stupors, rambling, insane, moronic and nonsensical words which issued from my fingers for the entire cyberworld to read. I must have pissed someone off badly and I’m bitter to this day.

She is a cruel and Orwellian mechanical marvel for the Carrie Nation incarnates roaming cyberspace.

The BUID is composed of several sections. You have the “brains,” the central unit. About the size and shape of a shoebox, black solid rubber cover hinged to an identical case and locked shut by a myserious round keyhole which will send a GPS alert to “headquarters” (wherever or whatever the fuck that is) if anything, even a toothpick, is inserted into the hole. This box is off limits, don’t think aout it. On one end of the rectangular box extends a red cable which you plug into an available USB port on your computer. The other end gives birth to a plastic and cloth hybrid stitched hose which culminates in a small horn-shaped apparatus which fits snugly over your lips. Finally, on the bottom of the box, the AC cord which must be plugged in order for the BUID to work.

Once the device is powered up and connected to the computer, and you sign on through the Federal Custodial Portal (FCP) the first time, the auto-detect process loads the government software. It asks you to blow into the mouthpiece for the first time. If you blow a clean reading, the computer is unlocked and you are “free” to surf. One of the software parameters controls and awakens your webcam. It must point at you at all times. This plays out like a security camera. You don’t know if anyone is watching, and if they aren’t, the footage is being recorded and an extensive historical archive is being compiled and stored somewhere where it is available to those who wish to peruse. Something to keep in mind in case you decide you want to drink a 40-ouncer of Steel Reserve after blowing clean so you can rock the ‘net with your drunken foolishness. Motion detection hardware built into this contraption senses if you’ve left the seat for more than a few seconds and instantly shuts down to hibernate mode. When you return, you must blow clean again in order to wake the computer up.

If you open new online accounts through the FCP, your new login and identity is automatically sent to the Feds where they add it to all the known online info compiled about you. I once tried to login to Yahoo at a cybercafe (from a non-BUID workstation) and the next day received a visit from several black-tied Federal agents and a curt warning that I would get no more chances. They just needed to flex their muscles, and I needed to test it.

Yep, never again.
I know who’s boss now