The art of baking has taken another terrible political turn!

Man, it used to be that I just enjoyed cookies and cupcakes and sugary frosting for their own sake, and a trip to the local bakery was the height of culinary levity (and gluttony).  What is there to possibly “fear” from such sugary establishments, where the scent of baking bread and sweet succulence permeates the air?

You can’t go wrong with a bakery, can you?

Not until the homo’s started grandstanding around the social statement stage upon which they pranced and belittled, and from where they sic’d lawyers on, private bakers who had the gall, the gall, to refuse to build cakes which glorified homosexuality despite they are private businesses and this is supposedly a free country.

Suddenly bakeries were thrust into the public eye, swirling in the bitter politics of the wedding industry’s embrace of homosexual marriage versus bakers whose personal value system finds such a thing immoral.  The bakers simply chose to express their morality by abstaining from making cakes that celebrated a homo marriage, and suddenly they were the scourge of liberal society which seeks to give gays more rights than normal people.

And now a baker from Edmonds, Washington, Dan Bellingham, has ruffled the feathery snowflakes of leftists by baking and decorating these clever little cookies.



Doesn’t take much to piss off lefties, as Bellingham discovered.


EDMONDS – Dan Bellingham says he’s “unapologizing” for the “Build the Wall” cookie he sold last week.

And now, he’s re-selling the controversial cookies by the dozen.

“The phone messages saved has like 40-or-50 messages that I can’t even respond to from people all over the country wanting me to ship them cookies,” said Bellingham on Thursday.

Bellingham, who’s owned the Edmonds Bakery for 26 years, initially apologized for designing and selling the “Build the Wall” cookie last week.

On Tuesday, he wrote on the company’s Facebook page, “I will not be making anymore cookies of a political nature, but a narrow line of Love and Sweetheart and maybe Nice Butt.”

But on Thursday, Bellingham told KOMO News he’s protected by the First Amendment in selling these cookies.

“Am I supposed to be quiet because I can’t write what I want, or I can only write what they want or makes them happy? No. That’s not how it is. They can write whatever they want on their own cookie and I can do that on mine.”


In this case, Ana Carrera, a regular customer at the bakery, was indignantly offended over the cookie’s design, and the rest is history. ‘Tis the age of the attention whore, thank you social media.


A patron, Ana Carrera, saw the cookie and took a picture of it, and sounded off, upset about what Bellingham initially called a joke.

“There’s nothing funny about racism or racist ideals + policies,” Carrera said on Facebook.

Her Facebook post caught the attention of liberals and conservatives across the country.

KOMO reached out, but Carrera was unavailable for a follow-up interview Thursday.


I never thought, in my wildest imagination, that the neighborhood bakery, land of calories and diabetes, would become the nexus of moral cultural battles.

Or that the left would become virulently opposed to freedom of speech in the pursuit of self-conscious ideology. Apparently the freedom of speech does not apply to the obese liberalentsia (which is a majority of them as you would notice if you pay attention to the news at all).