Future Dindus of America (or Future Rapper).

This fellow. Skinny, violent, hair-trigger demon…what’s in store for his future, you think? I see 3 paths, I see 2 not taken.



  1. He takes his show a little too far and is brought down in a hail of police gunfire. The predictable outcry follows in which he is deified as the most promising ghetto prospect since Michael Brown. Sanitized photographs of less volatile days (when he was about 7) are perpetuated by the virtue signaling MSM. At the end of the day, the police are the bad guys, the racists, and the killing of this young hothead is ascribed to institutional racism.
  2. He uses his innate vocal talents to become an erratic star of the lucrative rap underworld, popular in niche circles, unknown to most popular American culture. Blending his talent’s profitable nature with his own latent psychopathy, he is a TMZ train-wreck who always manages to grab headline before his ultimate demise at the hands of a vengeful fellow rapper.
  3. He fades away into anonymous ghetto insignificance, addled with drugs and needles. Sleeping in alleys and commuter trains, he dissolves into a sour pile of insignificant brittle bones and smoky dissolution of soft tissue. He dies, homeless, and no one knows, or cares.

Spin the wheel.