The Best Indian Boxers of all time get the girl.

This is not a laughing matter, I say!

I take my role as citizen’s journalist seriously and my journalistic pursuits are nothing, if not benevolent and charitable. I seek to bring knowledge to The People. I do the legwork that you, my loyal readers, don’t have the time nor sensible urge to do yourselves! I am your Knowledge Scout, the front line of learning.

And that is why I found myself troubling Google earlier with a ludicrous query. (I use Google for “mainstream” stuff, fyi).



Hmm. Nope, none of these are my concern for this post, or ever, for that matter.

There is another category of Indian representation I’m looking for but apparently it’s not quite the item I would like to think it is.




Color me surprised…

In a population so resolutely “ectomorphic,” pugilists would seem impossible to come by.  Boxing is best left to the swarthy, muscular, Alpha breed of man (and woman);  otherwise it becomes an inane and boring spectacle of flailing and frivolous attack.  Boxing by ectomorphs would be comedy.

Now the reason for all this is that I stumbled across a cringe-inducing video from the Indian subcontinent.


My high-level sources report that this visual cacophony of brown skin, sandals, bones and dust was owing to a love triangle.  Meaning that somewhere out there is an Indian girl who must be utterly flattered to have such brawny mannish energy erupting in a battle for her love.

(Just ignore the horrible slapping sounds).

I wonder who got the girl?