Introducing the luscious, sultry AND sexy, but very aptly named, Akroma Pettygrove…bringing the “horror” to THOT’s everywhere.

Brace yourself, gents.

Control your loins, you cads.  Buckle in your sausage cause dis shit is the ride of a lifetime.  In fact, it may very well be the final ride of your lifetime!

Here she is, the one, the only, the steaming (as in a pile of dogshit on an August day in New Orleans), Akroma Pettygrove!


Behold, and beware, that magnificent cleavage.

If cleavage could kill, this one would hack you up into a million pieces and blend a fine soup out of your tortured soul for all eternity.

Akroma…only something so revolting to the human and non-human eye, alike, could possibly subscribe to this litany of stereotypical leftist nonsense.


Tropes are us


And always proudly subversive, repulsive and pretentiously anti-human.  It’s as if these types revel in their distasteful abhorrence with the aim of making us turn away in disgust.



Oh, and of course.



Why does the left seek to disgust and revolt as if it’s a badge of honor, a mark of distinction?  Are their lives such shit that rather than rise against adversity, they plunge into the depths of self-debasement and do all they can to drag us down with them?