Merry was hungry, and I bring you pictures before the story.

It’s a common internet ploy, or retort, that when an outlandish (preferably of the sexual sort) claim, is claimed, in a verbal, ambiguous manner, that a group of anonymous cyberdenizens must, in a resounding, demanding manner, beg of said claimant, “Pictures, or it didn’t happen!”

This is a fitting skepticism given that the internet is a barren wasteland of wayward boasts and falsities which reduce all online interactions to barely believable snippets of quasi fiction.


For the chain of events I’m about to recount, I thought I would reverse the narrative slightly. I’ll show you the excruciating video (picture) first. Since the picture is first, it’s up to you, the internet anonymoustariat, to demand, “Story, or it didn’t happen!”

Here’s the video.

As I said, this is agonizing. The “rescuers,” obviously having a difficult time bringing the water-logged corpse over the short wall.  When they are finally able to heave it over, the corpse appears to erupt in a messy splatter of water and grime and who knows what other bodily detritus, driving some people to gasp.

Story, or it didn’t happen!

Well first of all, that corpse belongs to Deasy Tuwo, a 44-year-old lead scientist who worked at an Indonesian marine laboratory.


Deasy Tuwo


Deasy didn’t have much a chance against 17-foot long Merry.


Deasy Tuwo, 44, is thought to have been dragged into the enclosure by the 17ft-long crocodile when she was throwing meat into the pool during feeding time on Friday morning.

The crocodile, called Merry, was found with Ms Tuwo’s remains still in its jaws at the research facility in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.


Merry’s eyes were bigger than her stomach…


Officials believe Merry the crocodile stood on its hind legs and jumped up the 8ft wall to drag her into the pool.

Horrified staff at the facility, named CV Yosiki Laboratory, made the grim discovery later that morning, when they noticed a ‘strange shape’ in the water.

Merry was captured today in the city of Tomohon and was pictured strapped to a flat-bed truck to be taken for medical tests to confirm that he had eaten the body parts

Merry the crocodile will be evacuated to a wildlife rescue center in Bitung district where tests will be carried out on its stomach.


Well, crocs are gonna…croc.

Why do we insist on killing animals who, acting out their primal nature, kill people who put themselves in harm’s way by interacting with said animals.  Wild animals pay the price for their nature when confined by our intellectual greed and damning curiosity.

Humans are funny that way.