Men who lure…

There is a class of men whose mode of reliance upon which to engage females can best be described as “luring.”

For Arturo Martinez, a registered sex offender from Hesperia, California, the reason is self-apparent.


Scalp hardware apparently is permanent, or at least too much trouble to remove prior to booking…


A registered sex offender was arrested in Hesperia on suspicion of trying to lure women, including a minor, to his home under false pretenses.

Around 1:17 p.m. Thursday, San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies from Hesperia contacted Arturo Martinez at his home located in the 7600 block of Corona Avenue.

Deputies arrived at his home after receiving numerous complaints from women, including a 17-year-old girl, who said he tried to lure her to his home.

Authorities said Martinez would solicit women through social media and website services using a fake name and disguised his voice by making it sound like a woman’s. He also solicited women through babysitting, cleaning, taxi, real estate and delivery services, authorities said.


Amazingly, Martinez chose not to rely on his boyish good looks and Christian demeanor to meet women.

Men like this must “lure.”

But luring is not the default method for dangerous and deadly men only;  the harmless, hapless nerds and incels resort to a mundane sort of “emotional luring” in order to hook unwilling women.  Luring is disingenuous coupling of any sort, but I suppose it can be argued that the entire mating dance and ritual, for both men and women, is built on a foundation of luring.

For some of us, due to innate physical and social disqualifications, the “lure” is more egregious and obvious, bordering on the caricature.


Another obese anti-Trump attention whore gets her 15:00 (and a nice visit from the SS).

The stereotypes write themselves. Don’t accuse me of bigotry when Candace Castillo does a bang-up job of perpetuating them all on her own.

I’m only pointing out the obvious in all my blogging splendor.

And the “obvious” are bountiful in the case of a law enforcement visit to her door:  Obese drama queen with a proportionately over-sized sense of self-importance who cloaks her horridness in cosmetics and pose.

You know it, I know it. We have endured it over and over…


Upwards, at an angle, tons of petrolcoloring, voila!


People like Candace Castillo write their own rules, their own laws, their own codebook.  In this self-encapsulated world of mental masturbation, they are unable to comprehend rudimentary standards of objective reality.


Drama Queen clean up on aisle 5…


For instance, try this one, Ms. Castillo:  the right to free speech does not protect threats on the President’s life (however thinly-veiled you may argue they are).  One woman’s petty is another man’s threat and threats can’t always be ushered away with food and cosmetics.

But I’m sure such talk breezes quickly through your ears.