Limey thievery is funny but why should we know or care?

Jolly good Siren Fella on Boxing Day.



By now, I believe the only question becomes how much alcohol was involved in this shenanigan. The fact that this fucker took such obvious delight in his actions makes it all the more appealing.

Any simple theft of police cruiser light bars would be ho-hum amusement; this is a novel layer of criminal frivolity. The MSM steps in and humors the act which essentially means it will be fed to the MSSociasphere.

I think it’s stupid retarded shit, quite honestly, but not the kind of thing I wouldn’t have been beyond back in the day.  But the difference is, back in my day, no one knew about it.

That was the key difference.

Me and my knuckle-headed friends, that was it.  We only knew.   Not the entire globaltwitterzuckesphere. Our foolishness was a club, it was private, and as such, it was not noteworthy or boastworthy.

We did it for ourselves, and no one else.  Now, you don’t know.

Are we doing it “only” for ourselves or is our entire jocular life one big live performance gig for the menacing cameras of social media?

Don’t know, can’t tell, who fucking cares.

But this new meme-worthy act of petulance in England should be accompanied by this old video of some Asian tarts with a penchant for wailing.

They should be paired up in some twisted entanglement of indifferent intersectionality.