Ed Buck, creepy Democratic donor from L.A., once again brings jungle fever and sexual perversion to a happy junction.

Anyone remember this?

About a year and half ago, I posted:


Ed Buck, celebrating diversity, meth and writing checks to the DNC.


In the post, I linked this L.A. Times news clip regarding the death of a young male prostitute at the home of Ed Buck, one of those Podestian DNC sexual fiends who flock to that Party’s liberal nexus in abundance.


The tales that dog can tell…


Back in 2017, from the Times, details of the death.


Los Angeles County sheriff’s detectives are searching for people who spent time with prominent Democratic donor Ed Buck as they investigate the circumstances surrounding the fatal overdose of a 26-year-old man at his West Hollywood home, two law enforcement officials with knowledge of the case said Tuesday.
Authorities launched a new investigation Monday into Gemmel Moore’s July 27 death “to determine if any criminal culpability exists” after his mother and friends questioned whether the drugs that killed him were self-administered.
County coroner’s officials ruled Moore’s death an accident, and an initial review by sheriff’s deputies found nothing suspicious.
Capt. Chris Bergner of the sheriff’s homicide bureau said detectives also want to review a journal found among Moore’s possessions.
The Times reviewed pages of the journal, in which Moore purportedly wrote about his use of crystal meth and made accusations against Buck.
“I pray that I can just get my life together and make sense. I help so many people but can’t seem to help myself. I honestly don’t know what to do,” one December journal entry reads. “I’ve become addicted to drugs and the worse one at that. … I just hope the end result isn’t death.”
Coroner’s officials said they recovered a notebook, a backpack, a tablet and some other items that belonged to Moore from Buck’s home.
A family friend provided The Times with a video showing him picking up the journal from the coroner’s office.
Moore’s mother, LaTisha Nixon, said her son worked for a time as an escort and used drugs. Shortly before his death, he told her he was homeless.
Coroner’s officials said that Buck was inside the Laurel Avenue home at the time of Moore’s death and that drug paraphernalia was recovered from the scene.
The Times interviewed another man who said he reported his complaints about Buck — similar to those made in the journal — to the Sheriff’s West Hollywood station on the morning of July 4. The man, who asked that he remain anonymous, described himself as a male escort.
Buck is a longtime political donor invested in progressive causes, including LGBT civil rights and animal welfare issues. He also served on the Stonewall Democratic Club Steering Committee. Last week, the group requested Buck’s resignation in the wake of Moore’s death.
Amster said Buck agreed to resign because he did not want to draw negative publicity to the organization.


Little late for that, no?

Ed Buck, yeah.  You know the type.  Ingratiating leftist faggot who parrots every talking point of the crooked Democratic Party and who adeptly shrouds himself in a cosmetic cloud of virtuosity and social concern and basks in the glow of the Californian Democratic machine cogs who proliferate like piranhas around the “Industry” circles here in Los Angeles.  A vile nasty piece of filth who preys on drug addicts and feeds them their weakness in order for him to assume sexual authority.

And once in a while, something goes “wrong.”   Ask Gemmel Moore, the young kid who died in Buck’s home in 2017.


Gemmel Moore


Twice in a while, something goes askew.

This Ed Buck character assuredly does not abide by safe words.  He’s edgy that way.  But a good Democrat.

Another dead man, another adventure for our gay rat, Ed Buck.


For the second time within 18 months, a man was found dead at the West Hollywood home of wealthy Democratic donor Edward Buck, authorities said Monday.
Paramedics responded to Buck’s apartment in the 1200 block of Laurel Avenue shortly after 1 a.m., where they discovered an unresponsive victim, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.
They tried reviving the man, but he was pronounced dead at the scene, authorities said.
Officials only described the victim as a black man in his 50s. Investigators did not release his name Monday.
His death comes after 26-year-old Gemmel Moore was found dead from an apparent overdose at the same apartment on July 27, 2017.
On Monday, officials confirmed Buck was present during both incidents and said Moore’s case is now facing another review.
“It is suspicious that this has happened twice now,” sheriff’s Lt. Derrick Alfred told KTLA, “so we’re going to conduct a thorough investigation to determine if it is criminal in nature.”
However, Buck was not named as a suspect and has not been arrested. His attorney, Seymour Amster, has denied Buck is responsible for either death.
Amster told reporters Monday that the man found dead had been friends with Buck for 25 years and “had already been partying … and already taken some substances” before he arrived. He said Buck was in the shower for some of the time and had not taken any substances with the victim.


Don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes or the bouncy Hardy boys to see the obvious criminal algorithms, do you?

Dozens of activists rallied outside the apartment Monday evening, calling for the prominent donor’s arrest and prosecution in connection with both deaths.
Political strategist and commentator Jasmyne Cannick said the prominent donor been using his wealth to avoid prosecution.
“He gives money to (L.A. Mayor) Eric Garcetti, he’s given money to (L.A. County District Attorney) Jackie Lacey, he’s given money to (former U.S. Senate candidate and state Sen.) Kevin de Léon, he has given money to Gavin Newsom, our new governor,” she said. “He spreads his money around to get access and influence into these powerful circles.”
Buck also previously donated to Hillary Clinton.
Those who knew him have said the 26-year-old was working as an escort when he visited Buck’s home in July 2017 — an allegation Amster denied.Similar accusations were made following Moore’s death, with outraged loved ones insistent that Buck played a role and should face repercussions.
Moore’s mother, Latisha Nixon, has accused Buck of having young black men like her son ingest dangerous amounts of drugs for his own pleasure. She has said other escorts have confirmed the allegations.
“Ed Buck has been soliciting young gay black men,” Nixon said weeks after her son’s death.
“He has them wear these long white ‘under-johns.’ He takes pictures of them,” she said. “He hits them up with meth. The more meth that they smoke and inject, the more money that he gives them.”
Another man who said he was also a victim of Buck, who asked to remain anonymous, previously told KTLA that Buck would instruct escorts to use high levels of drugs so he could watch their reactions.
“He gets his thrills just based off you getting high,” he said. “He wants to see your reaction. He wants to see how can you take it — if you can handle it or not.”


Yeah, just your typical Democratic aspiring bigwig who uses power and influence to camouflage his venal behavior.

Apparently, not for long.