DOS: Trump Derangement Syndrome’s last refuge (but not OK for Christian bakers).

There are many, many, many, examples and instances of Trump Derangement Syndrome bottlenecking the public video-waves.  Victims of TDS come in all colors, sizes, creeds, ages, genders, but one thing remains the same:  that damned “Derangement shriek.”  Even male TDS patients have an embarrassing penchant for screaming in the most emasculated manner. They yell and wail like little bitches when in proximity to a based Trump supporter.

The collective anger that anti-Trump freaks experience is truly the psychosocial phenomenon of our day. I would liken it to mass hysteria, and this is a dangerous thing. Groups of similarly minded psychotics, falling into unlikely power roles, succumb to despotism and tyranny.

For now, those suffering from TDS are powerless cucks and cunts who largely defer to emotions when muscles fail.

Red-headed TDS patient in this video is harmless. Today, that is.

Amusing, perturbing, annoying, but not dangerous or threatening (unless it’s your eardrums you value).

Shout out to this socialist bitch who tried to pull a reverse-wedding cake denial of service at Xhale City in Tucker, Georgia.