Bethan Roper saves the world…almost.

I often shake my head when I hear of civilized first-world people who actively desire, and enable, the inundation of peaceful, orderly society with chaotic, filthy third-worlders. I can’t understand why they would want their nice worlds disrupted by the gleeful injection of disorder and cultural dissolution.

Why, I wonder.

Why would you want your pristine world of conscientiousness and cleanliness reduced to the Mud Rubble Mentality that is sure to accompany swarms of foreign refugees who are allowed in the gates? It goes against the grain of survival and illogically thwarts self-preservation.  Such people, through the dystopian unfolding of social evolution that has led us to 2018, have literally lost all traces of survival instinct.  In fact, this instinct is now polluted, distorted, in such a way that it now manifests as the antithesis to survival: it is a drive to suicide.


Bethan Roper saves the world but forgets about herself…


Sticking your head out a train window as flying along the tracks surely constitutes a corrupted sense of survival.


A woman who died after leaning out of the window of a moving train was hit by a tree or branch, an inquest has heard.

Bethan Roper, 28, was on her way home from a Christmas shopping trip with friends in Bath when she died on 1 December.

The charity worker, from Penarth in south Wales, suffered serious head injuries while travelling between Bath and Keynsham.

Miss Roper worked for the Welsh Refugee Council, having graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2013.

The charity, a sister organisation to the UK-wide Refugee Council, works to help asylum seekers and refugees in Wales.

She was also a campaigner and was chairman of Young Socialists Cardiff.