Alex McNabb dindu nothing wrong other than express his opinions, but his job is on the line. Thought crimes threaten to bring another one down.

From the department of much ado about nothing.

An EMT from Virginia who has performed his job duties thoroughly has nevertheless found himself in the predictable crosshairs  of the state’s Department of Health because he has been so bold as to state, quite publicly, his unpopular racial opinions.


Alex McNabb, a white supremacist podcaster who works as an emergency medical technician in southern Virginia, is under investigation by the state’s Department of Health, a spokesperson for the department confirmed to HuffPost.

McNabb, 35, is a frequent co-host of “The Daily Shoah,” a popular neo-Nazi podcast. On the show he regularly tells stories about being an EMT, often referring to patients by racist slurs and comparing black patients to animals.

His continued employment as an EMT, however, raises ethical and legal questions about whether an avowed racist and white nationalist can objectively make life-and-death decisions for patients of color, Jewish patients and other minorities, experts say.

“Anyone who is espousing this type of vitriolic racism on a regular basis — it casts serious doubts on their ability to provide emergency medical treatment for someone who does not fit their criteria for an ethnostate,” Keegan Hankes, senior researcher at the Southern Poverty Law Center, told HuffPost.

During a Nov. 8, 2016, episode, McNabb compared black patients to animals. “The heat brings out the wild in the dindu,” he said, adding that, “as winter approaches, the animals go into hibernation and the ridiculousness of the [911] calls goes down.”

In an Oct. 4, 2016, episode, during a Dr. Narcan segment, McNabb referenced an apartment complex that houses people from “all over Africa and West Africa.” He said emergency workers called it “Ebola Alley.” He then called a black woman a “Dinduisha” and compared her to a shaved “Harambe,” referring to the famous gorilla.

“It’s hard to find a dindu vein anyway, because they’re black,” he said during the episode.

On the Nov. 30 episode of “The Daily Shoah,” McNabb said he didn’t treat patients differently based on their ethnicity or religion.

“It’s a professional duty,” he said. “You have a fucking duty, to go out there and give 100 percent on every single call. It doesn’t matter what race or color or what situation it is.”

He added, “I mean, no one’s going to do something to put their job in jeopardy or do something that makes them look like an incompetent asshole.”

The shrieks of the SPLC rise!

Ho hum. The SJW hordes smell blood and here they come, fat, sloppy and tattooed, ravenous with the blood of reason suffusing their heads. What is being punished here is openly attesting to racial opinions, not the act of harboring them.

Does anyone really believe every EMT in America is “color blind?”

It’s more like most people are smart enough to not say a thing if they hold unpopular views, especially in today’s environment. I believe it’s very possible that adults are able to hold many stereotypes and prejudices close to their heart (in fact, most people do) while still providing the best, most fair professional service possible, regardless of what that service is. Not the Left: they assume the worst for they are bleak doomsayers who assume the worst and prosecute from that point backwards.


Alex McNabb sporting an awesome fash T!