“Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.” Lament of the elites embodied, soon to be buried.

If social media was even half as prevalent in the 1980’s as it is now, it would be interesting to see how Iran/Contra might have played out.  Iran/Contra was one of the final bouts of old economy politico-elitist shenanigans we were shielded from enduring.

I’ve always felt this George H.W. Bush’s digestive spectacle in Japan (to kick off the final lame duck year of his Presidency) was a sparkling metaphor, a symbolic upheaval of all the repressed opportunistic and back-room corrupt gorging that could no longer find solace in his distended belly.

In the spirit of honesty and accountability, I can’t come down too hard on the guy.

He was the embodiment of “absolute power corrupts absolutely” which is a curse that follows all our political leaders.

A recursive affliction that those who seek such an office are prone too.

Rest In Puke, dude.