Dave Daubenmire, lesbian afficionado, does bring up a good point: they are uglied right out of the hetero market.

Grandmaster trigger man of the gay world, Dave Daubenmire, made some insightful comments about lesbians.
Prove him wrong.


Daubenmire, while discussing a trip to Walmart, said that he discovered that not everyone is attractive.

“There are a lot of unattractive people in the world,” he said, as if this were the first time he paid attention to anyone besides himself when out in public.

Suddenly he had what he thought was a novel explanation for why some people are gay: they’re just too ugly to be straight.


Dave Daubenmire


“I don’t wonder if some of this… Especially in women… Some of this homosexuality stuff going on…” he said.

“I look out at our sex-starved culture and the sex-starved nation in which we live and I would understand now why an unattractive woman might be drawn to an unattractive woman because, really, both of them probably, it’s hard to find a man to love them.”


It’s a well-known disjunction:  gay men are usually attractive because they baby and pamper themselves and have a self-fixation that straddles the line of hyper-feminine, but lesbian women…shudder.

Why are lesbians so horrific and disgusting?

Back when I started this blog, I wrote about this in a post entitled The lesbian+feminism dilemna.   My 2009 writing style is interesting to behold.