Honduran migrant who snubbed donated food turns out to be a Rubenesque hooch.

I refer back to my post from last Sunday.

Remember this poor migrant woman who was despondent over the dearth of food choices donated to her by Mexican authorities? In a stellar display of thanklessness, she held up her food carton and ridiculed the food she was given and said it was not fit for swine.





And let’s witness the life she left behind.  Poor migrant.

Annnnd that is exactly what we need flooding our borders by the score…


Thanksgiving is over, it always was. Today is when we shed the illusion and celebrate Thanksgetting.

It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving.

It’s time to dump the lofty bullshit and revert to our primitive natures. Blood-curdling voraciousness and greed in good measure.

They (corporate-enhanced commercialized culture which perpetuates consumerist diversion) call it “Black.”

That justifies it lightly while lending a romanticized tinge.  A trivial human folly of desperate, comical scrounging.  It almost looks fun.

You know that it really is? It’s a new holiday.  Should very well be.