The lefty media gets on board the caravan wagon.

They’ve created a shitty, disgusting and crime-ridden pocket of society for themselves in Central America.   I have an idea.  Let them come to the United States!  We need that dysfunctional sliver of humanity embedded in our society and clogging up our barely running arteries in this country.

I see nothing wrong with this.  Let’s clamor for more immigrants.  It’s the Liberal way.

The media lays out a Concern Agenda detailing the “plight” of Central Americans in order to reset a narrative that dictates these migrants are “political refugees.”

Look for more woeful column space from the likes of Buzzfeed and all Leftist avenues of mainstream indoctrination in the coming days.


Hip-Hop Might Get You In Trouble, Or Killed, In El Salvador


“Freedom of speech in Salvador is — well, it’s a new concept for our police,” said Debil Estar, 36, who lives in San Salvador and was touring the US this summer.

One of his first run-ins with the Salvadoran police came a decade ago, when cops began profiling potential gang members based on their clothes — including the baggy shorts, sneakers, and American sports jerseys that are ubiquitous in hip-hop circles.

Pescozada had begun making a name for themselves with politically minded lyrics and danceable beats, and the government had taken notice, he said

Following a show one night in El Salvador, the band was pulled over. “The police put their guns in our car windows” and forced the members out of the car, Debil Estar recalled. They began searching the car for drugs or guns but found nothing, he said. As a lawyer, “I try to do things legal,” he said, smiling.

Although nothing happened that night, the police have continued to harass the band and their fans, insisting that because of rap’s popularity with violent gangs like MS-13, anyone associated with it is potentially a dangerous criminal. More than once, he said, police have come to his shows.

But they made clear the disappearances have occurred at the same time that the police and the military have targeted people for wearing clothes associated with hip-hop culture. “That’s crazy, because the hip-hop is music. But … a lot of police sometimes don’t understand when the person is an artist or a fan [of] the music.

In El Salvador, authorities have taken it further, using the gangs’ connections to hip-hop to justify what amounts to cultural profiling under measures like the 2010 legislation formally titled Law Banning Criminal Gangs, Bands, Groups, Associations and Organizations.

Having visible tattoos or wearing certain colors — or even baggy shorts and US sports jerseys — can run you afoul of the police. And authorities have taken an extremely broad interpretation of that authority, so much so that visitors to the country are routinely warned to be careful if they display tattoos or wear certain clothing in areas not frequented by tourists.


At the end of the day, all the blather comes down to this, really.  The ploy is to make life in Central America look forebodingly dangerous.

And the implied solution is:  America will welcome you to safety!