Jim Acosted

I wanted to place this here on Wednesday, but real life had a way of disrupting the flow of Social Extinction this week.

Better late than never.


The earthquake

Like a growing seismic tension resulting from slowly encroaching tectonic plates, global society has experienced similarly clashing, inwardly, for the past several years.

In America, veins of discord have swelled;  small quakes rattle our landscape frequently, but still, our land is intact.

We are racing toward that moment when the dueling plates of a friction dividing our national soul will finally give way.  What lies beyond that?

I thought the Midterms were important.  Crucial and determinate, even.

But it seems to me they brought with them a harsher jolt than I ever envisioned.  Does anyone get a bad feeling about this?

Perhaps it’s the icons of sore losing, the Left, finding itself in the position of sore winner.  Perhaps it’s the fact they are exploiting the election’s review process and initiating recounts across the nation which could very well hand them the Senate, in addition to the House which they’ve already taken.

The earthquake may be at hand.