Social Extinction officially endorses California’s Ghost of Democratic Past, DiFi.

So, you know what.

Living in this Leftward State by the Sea, this is my life:


“You can have your car in any color as long as it’s Black…”


In the Golden Liberal State, there are unfortunate moments when your “choice” is restricted by doomed circumstance.

Due to California’s primary rule which pits the top 2 vote-getters against each other in the Midterm, we are left in this very untenable situation where we find ourselves stuck with Ghosts of Democratic Past battling against Goblins of Democratic Future.  Not a Republican in sight.  It’s California, man.  Republicans are novel;  a deviancy.  Strangers in a strange, fruity land.

If you’re a Conservative Californian, your political life is essentially fucked, buried, out-manned.

In the matter of United States Senator, I have decided to vote for the Ghost of Democratic Past, the lesser of two evils.

Diane Feinstein.  I can barely say the name without grimacing.

I believe that she will prove to be the bigger liability for the Democratic Party, should she victor.  Her steadfast, immutable establishment encumbrance in our stodgy, corrupt state political landscape can only serve to cement the ever broadening repulsive image of the Democratic Party here.



Not exactly damning, considering the Democratic Party’s statewide success.  Still, I have hope;  the scourge of never-ending Democratic Party machine-otons must eventually exhaust favorable public perception and weaken the party viability, statewide.  That’s my thinking and my rationale for voting for Diane Feinstein (D).

Kevin de León represents the new breed of young, quasi-Socialist Democrat sprouting like bean sprouts across this country. No use hastening their ascendancy by voting for them.

Go Diane!