The incurious case of Shelby “Brows” Shoup, violent Leftist milk maiden

Oh my.

Where do these saps come from?

Lately, it seems they’ve been oozing from our society’s collective divisive wounds like a rushing stream of moldy pus.

Once upon a time, it was faintly amusing.

Their behavior and tantrums were more harmless than daunting.  We snickered.  But it’s getting old.  Very old.  This liberal immaturity is culminating, coalescing, into an intolerable tsunami toward anarchy, but perpetuated by elitist apologists willing, happy, to forgive such antics for the sake of progressivism.

The frenzy of wanton lunacy is indicative of a large dissembling of acceptable mores.  Our own laughter will be our undoing if this continues.



This crazy broad with eyebrows from here to Zimbabwe…her name is Shelby Shoup and she conveniently works as an intern for Andrew Gillum’s Governor for Florida campaign. The political freaks all come out to play in bands of soul-sucking marauding hordes.



A Florida State University student is charged with battery after pouring chocolate milk on a volunteer at a Republican party table on the FSU campus.

A warrant was issued for Shelby Shoup, 19, by the Florida State University Police Department on Thursday. Later that day, Shoup turned herself in, was placed into handcuffs and taken to the Leon County Jail.

On Tuesday, Florida State police responded to Landis Green after the reported attack.

When officers arrived on scene, they made contact with the victim who said she was volunteering at a Republican party table when Shoup began yelling at her as well as pouring chocolate milk on her on two separate occasions.

A witness told officers after Shoup poured milk on the victim for a second time, he began filming the incident on his phone.

“Sickening to see a member of @FSUGOP a group I’m proud to be in have chocolate milk thrown on her for campaigning,” tweeted Hunter Pollack. “In the state constitution it says students are allowed to express their point of view on campus. This is a vile attack.”


Well let me say.  The jig is up.

It must be up or one day we will wake up to discover, too late, that we are overrun and subsumed by this vile cultural parasite called the Left.  They will thrash society for the sake of their own demented agendas since they are incapable of decent restraint.

And there will be no one to blame but the Right for its own leniency.

Leniency is dead, thus spoke Socially Extinct.

Party ended.