Donald Trump’s Hollywood star…beacon for Leftist derangement.

Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star is proving to be a great tool of mindfuckery!  It’s the best trolling PR tool to have happened to us.


Ultimately, all the Hollywood stars are innocuous, trivial cultural pablum that mean nothing, and symbolize even less; tokens of a bland, shallow society of stupidity which foreign tourists flock to, because in this town, there is nothing of grave import to see otherwise. (I’m talking about the stars embedded into the sidewalk, not the famous flesh-people, though they certainly are not much different).

It’s this insignificant Trumpian apparatus that triggers the anti-Trump clowns most fiercely. It’s something they can relate to: trivialities, lacking substance, easily identifiable in a nighttime talk-show vacuous manner.  They can latch their moronic claws into easily accessible “political” beacons like Hollywood sidewalk stars in order to spew their hate and knee-jerk rhetoric.

The anti-Trump Left, blasting restraint beyond semblance of shame or maturity, seeks to shock rather than to reason. Emotional children who substitute histrionics for gravity, their effusive displays of antipathy and toy-rebellion is attracted to stupid shit like Trump’s Hollywood star like metal shavings to a powerful magnet.

The more egregious and outlandish the display, the greater its draw.

Substance dies, theatrics reign. The anti-Trump Left, mouth-pieced by feminized sensibilities, hyperbolic expression is the route to self-acceptance. No one cares about the integrity of the message. Let’s just give them all something to see because after all, we are nothing but vapid attention whores, seems to be their thinking.

Speaking of attention whores.

Jordina Salabert, a Spanish immigrant, in full Leftist display in Hollywood at…guess where.


The self-righteous European weighs in on American politics. Hold on to your brain tightly lest if flees.



Yada, yada, yada.  And more yada.

Do these people ever tire of hearing themselves rail about the evils and tyranny of Donald Trump?

Moreover, the resultant platitudes are equally exhausting.  I feel like I’m listening to an Obama or Clinton sound-bite.  All the trademark sanctimonious alliterations of the Liberal mind.

It never ends.

This GOLDEN POOP is not just for Donald, but a message to all his destructive, divisive, unloving and corrupted greedy hearts forming his administration and to the ones who support Trump’s ruthless and divisive policies against American Citizens of all genders, religions, and colors of skin.



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