In North Dakota, if you vote in next week’s elections, you can’t hunt, and Facebook is OK with such trickery.

So there’s an ad running on Facebook (with that site’s full approval and verification) which threatens North Dakota residents who hold hunting licenses of some pretty outlandish repercussions should they vote next week (and it’s easily inferred that the majority of this voting bloc will lean “R”).




For the critically-minded among us, this ad triggers red partisan flags since this is paid for by the Democratic Party, the least trustworthy coven of scum in existence, and also by the bizarre suggestion that those daring to cast a vote will experience real world effects for engaging in this civic right.

It’s common sense that voting, and the act of voting, will not affect the standing of any state-issued certificate, license, permit, etc., in our possession as citizens of a non-criminal background.  Voting doesn’t work that way.  This ad is opportunistic and seeks to sway the votes of the dim-minded.  Since most of the people who own hunting licenses are safely assumed to be Republicans, this North Dakota Democratic Party ad is a subterfuge which seeks to influence voter suppression.   It’s not illegal to lack common sense or mental acuity;  the party of donkeys can attest to this.  Even the dense enjoy the right to vote.

It’s a fake threat.

Facebook, in spite of its disingenuous posturing, doesn’t seem to mind.


With the assistance of Facebook, which allegedly is carrying out a fight to suppress bogus news and offensive ads by Republicans, the North Dakota Democrats are running an ad on Facebook telling North Dakota hunters that they will lose their hunting licenses if they vote.

There are two parts to this story. The information in the ad itself, if not illegal per se, is deliberately and calculatedly false and certainly skirts the boundaries of permissible behavior. But this is the Democrat Party. After watching them when they controlled the federal government, who is surprised that they would do this?

The second part is the collusion on the part of Facebook with this voter suppression effort. Facebook verified these ads as originating with the North Dakota Democrats. They contain false and possibly illegal information. And as Facebook has a role in curating these ads and giving them an imprimatur, one has to assume they did some due diligence to confirm who was placing the ads.

That latter issue again underscores the degree to which the big tech companies are putting their thumbs on the scale in federal elections. When Elizabeth Heng tried to run an ad highlighting her family’s survival of Khmer Rouge atrocities, the same clowns that approved the North Dakota ad refused to run hers. Never mind that it is against federal law for a broadcaster to refuse to run a candidate ad and that is the role Facebook has here.


And if you click on the link in the Facebook ad, you’ll be ushered here.  An equally sourceless, ambiguous site warning of serious ramifications should you be so bold as to vote.

Stay home on election day and you keep your hunting license.

Facebook’s authoritarianism only cuts one way.


Smile for Mark Z!




Migrant caravan likely a vessel for MS13 and other types…Caravan of Peace continues.

From a Mexican perspective, the Central American Migrant Invasion is actually not bad for optics.

Compared to the wanton indigenous hoodlum flood overrunning its border and police, Mexicans are looking like the responsible, beleaguered Americans who must contend with our Southern border.



Word has it that many of the peaceful migrants seeking to escape the cauldrons of shit called Central America come armed with firebombs, gasoline and other ridiculous (to long migrations) burdens of travel.

Not the most difficult choice to make, as a nation,  when this deadly swarm is rattling your southern gates, demanding entrance. Stay the fuck out. What originally might have seemed overkill (sending tanks and troops), given that we were only dealing with innocent and harmless mothers and children, now seems like a proportionate response given images of violence and destruction on the Mexican/Guatemalan border initiated by these Migrants of Peace.

We are sending tanks to the Southern border. We are ready for something.  Sometimes the only way to maintain order is under threat of force. That’s fine with me.

I worry about the presence of MS13 and other psychopathic, militarized elements who could easily blend into the peaceful ant trail.

The disguised entrance of such soldiers in the migration river could be all it takes to truly elevate the caravan to outright invasion. There will be blood, and the United States, no thanks to Democrats and other Social Justice Fretful’s, will be ready.