In spite of Cesar Sayoc, Right-Wing Bomb Squads sputter to life.

Listen, commie bitches.

Scream, wail, all you like.  Screech like the maturity-stunted idealogical runts that you are.

One fact is indomitable:  Donald Trump is your President and there are millions of Americans who support him in the face of oppressive normie ostracization.  President Trump is the man, and despite the fact we on the Right are not always, or entirely, pleased with his course which deviates conspicuously here and there, we are elated to have someone like him energizing the political landscape with such explosive rhetoric.  We are thrilled that our American leader speaks with our voice.  Our voice, muted by pop culture and the mainstream media which is owned and spawned by elitist Left-Wing powers, seeks release.  So it is natural that when our voice finds such a high-profile outlet, we gravitate toward it.  Just as you despise it, we love it.

So commie bitches, listen to me when I say:

Powerlessness is the keystone to violence.

If anyone can affirm  this in today’s Red, White and Blue environment, it is the Left.  You fuckers have acted like intolerable, temperamental little snots since November, 2016, when you first learned that life is not quite the predictable snowflake hayride your moronic teachers and cultural icons promised.

Once the indoctrination was complete, how did you respond, in mass?  You threw a fit.  You screamed, you threatened.   Your pinker, plumper brethren took up face-covering masks and arms and threatened to overthrow and impeach and savage.

We’re no fools on the Right, despite your default characterization of us as uneducated, low-IQ idiots.

We don’t humor delusion and we realize that the tide of American youth culture is veering liberal, socialist and vapid.  We know that President Trump’s run could very well end in the near future, and furthermore, we understand he might be replaced by a quasi-socialist cretin of the type you retards rally around like some kindly, hipster-friendly savior suffused with platitudes and disingenuous self-flattery.

And right now you’re probably relishing this freakshow patsy who the Right finds itself owning.   The problem is that the more we attempt to disown him, the more desperately everyone secretly accepts that he is in fact us, indicative of us.

It’s nothing but mind-hacking smoke and mirrors, courtroom truth-bending methodology, and the unveiling of this guy as a Right-Wing “soldier” is a difficult to lance from our collective image.



So be it.

Go right ahead.

Cast the Right to the bin of powerlessness, an act you so crave as badly as a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (because judging from the archetypal Leftist physique, the craving is strong), but beware. Powerlessness makes for a fiercer enemy. I’m no bomber but I don’t doubt for a second that there are some, of a serious nature, and they will be armed with more than trinkets and firecrackers.


(((Christmas time))) for the Left in America.30

Can it have been any other way?

A suspect was in custody late Saturday morning after a fatal shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh left multiple casualties, including three wounded police officers, according to the Associated Press.

While police officials have not confirmed any information about casualties or suspects, dispatchers on police radios mentioned multiple “bodies.”

They also mentioned an officer shot — possibly in the hand — being evacuated from the building.

It’s unclear when or how the incident began. The suspect spoke multiple of killing Jews before surrendering to police around 11 a.m., according to police radio traffic.

Dispatchers said he had multiple pistols on his person.