Right-Wing Bomb Squad!

The other day I finished up revamping an NPC meme I first created last week.



Little did I realize how “timely” it would prove to be, what with all these [in a dramatic, hyperbolic tone] violent right-wing attacks on the peaceful, bewildered, and above all, innocent, Democrats.

The bombs, the bombs, they scream, they whine, they cry, they accuse.

These bombs, perhaps not created by Trump, are rooted in Trump’s Presidential tone, the scourge of his leadership! While not directly responsible, he is nevertheless to blame for The Bombs!

Consternation rattles their mimicry.

My NPC meme came up short.  I predicted The Rope, but all we got were these  shitty little “bombs.”



Sorry, these are firecrackers. They were intended to scare and elicit drama and attention, not to kill or destroy.

Defensiveness is the tool of the weak.  Allowing the Left to attack us for the unproven bomb mailings allows them to mold and design the narrative, a narrative which plainly lacks nuance or reality and places us in a default weak position by making us defend ourselves against baseless emotionalism disguised as righteous sanctimoniousness.

I believe we must fight back with brashness and unapologetic shamelessness.  To address the baseless, augmented accusations of the left with a reasonable tone comes across as reactive defensiveness and the battle is lost.  We cannot dignify their silliness with reason or logic.  We must fight back irrationally, obliquely, in Trumpian 8D chess fashion.

We must fight back shamelessly, cruelly.  Belittle them for their neurotic fear-mongering bullshit.  Ridicule them, mock them, troll them harder than their accusations.  Our response must be boldly, even unwisely, disproportional.  Until we get to the bottom of these “mailings,” if we ever do, the Left will continue to exploit the unknown as the implied guilt on the part of the Right due to the political nature of the “victims” of the attacks.

Fight back ruthlessly.


Christmas has come early…