Lemmings headed to America…will we do nothing but bark?

The Central American “caravan” invasion is nothing new.



In fact, I wrote about it back in March when the first inklings of a globalist-coordinated invasion of American land stirred from Central America, northward.

I called the post, “Something wickedly brown this way comes and it could bring the immigration issue to a head…Trump’s Pearl Harbor?

I wrote of the caravan’s origins and impetus:


The level of organization transcends the ability of the lowly indigenous. There are meddlers at higher levels organizing this march in order to create a critical mass designed to further inflame American passions in the anti-Trump direction. This is a coordinated effort orchestrated by those who wish to see borders dissolved forever in their quest to erect an amorphous global community in which the poor and stupid dilute civilization back to primordial levels of dirt-eating existence.


This post was where I first linked to refugee-apologist, Leftist cretin, Alex Mensing


Alex Mensing, another organizer with Pueblos Sin Fronteras [People Without Borders], made that point clear to the migrants before the group started out. He also stressed that everyone is responsible for their own food, water, and payment for vans or buses. Still, it’s far cheaper than being assaulted or falling into the hands of unscrupulous smugglers.

“I’m here to work together with the people who had to leave their countries for whatever reason,” Mensing said through a loudspeaker. “We’re fighting together. We’re not here to give anyone papers and we’re not here to give anyone food.”

Mensing said Pueblos Sin Fronteras isn’t calling on people to make the trek, but if they’re going to try to go through Mexico on the way to the United States, the group will help them.


Apparent then and apparent now, the coordination required for such a massive undertaking corralling thousands of disorganized indigenous to make a 2,700-mile trek belies “civilized” levels of organization from higher level parties intent on putting the United States, and its President, through the PR wringer. It’s so obvious, so transparent, the motivation for sending these lemmings to rattle our gates and exploit our porous geographic integrity benefits certain groups, least of which are the migrants themselves.

This is President Trump’s moment to shine, or to crumble. His public, vocal agenda, brought to the fore, tested, forced.  We are watching.

His manner of handling this “caravan,” when it finally collides with our borders, will alienate his supporters, or it will kindle a new wave of political worship.

President Trump will help answer the hot question, or not: Are we a nation of laws, or are we a nation of barking?