The chances of Nancy Pelosi getting carded are higher…

Set-up, lob, spike.

CNN’s anchor sycophantly, dutifully, massages the Democratic shaft.  It’s what CNN does best.

She asks Nancy Pelosi if she would run for President.
Nancy feigns puzzlement. “What?”

“For President.”

I suspect Nancy Pelosi wanted to hear her name and “President” uttered in the same vein, just one more time.

But Nancy can’t let this end so simply.

Nope, not running, she tells us.

“People ask me all the time, ‘Why haven’t you run for President?'” A swivel of the head, Nancy addresses the studio peanut gallery. Basks in obsequious media pandering.

Sure Nancy, everyone asks you.

Next thing you’ll be telling us that people ask you (all the time), “How old are you, 30?”