The fine theatrics of a “Honduran” invasion.

Is there anyone who genuinely believes (other than the most brainwashed, sappy American Leftists) that the threatened Honduran march/invasion of the United States border was a spontaneous action born  of on-the-spot mobilization of thousands of illiterate, wretched Central American Indians who nobody really believes are capable of such massive organization, despite the fact they apparently lack the ability to create a cohesive, productive society to begin with?

Someone is blowing smoke up our collective ass.

Whether it’s George Soros, or some other elitist international cabal of shadowy puppet masters, I do not know;  I do know that this march did not “happen” on a whim.

And I do know this will not end well.

Strategically (conveniently) culminating in the days before the November elections, I won’t be surprised if this shit turns ugly.

Spontaneous, well-produced, camera-ready theatrics of this sort are assuredly not the brainchild of these tattered migrants.

But they mysteriously  happen.

You know the script.  Throw a child before scores of armored Mexican Federales;   let the dichotomy simmer in our impressionable American guilt-ridden mentality.  We are witnessing the germination of such artificial dramatics which will surely crescendo in the coming days as the migrants storm the Mexican countryside and inch closer to the United States.