When bullets square off against bullets: the CW we’ve been waiting for.

Have you noticed most of the skirmishes have been “offset?”

Attacks are displaced, askew, undirected.

Eventually, bullets will fly…at each other.  That will be the new playing ground.  All we need are delineated “sides” before this is real war.  Delineated and at least upheld by one side in power.



Donald…your call.  That’s what the Left is scared as shit about.  The day you declare it.  That’s what this Midterm is all about, ultimately.

The 2018-2020 conflagration.


When will The Battles begin?


At least four shots were fired into the Volusia County Republican Party’s office in South Daytona, police said Monday.

No one was injured, according to South Daytona police Capt. Mark Cheatham, but the shooting broke the offices’ front window and caused some damage to the drywall inside.

Cheatham said a volunteer reported the incident on Monday, which could’ve happened between Sunday afternoon and Monday morning at the office located at 2841 South Nova Road.

No eyewitnesses have been identified and investigators are in the process of tracking down surveillance footage from neighboring businesses, Cheatham said.

Volusia County Republican chair Tony Ledbetter, told WFTV that “some sick person,” which he identified as “Democrats,” took their anger out on his office.

“You’ve got some sick person, and I’ll call them out, they’re Democrats. No Republican has any reason to come attack our location,” Ledbetter said.

**Wars have started for less**





In Liberal California, iPhones are just a tad cheaper than Democratic rule.

A Californian Liberal and the money of his serfs is soon parted.

From Hannity:


San Francisco’s expensive efforts to register “non-citizens” to vote in local elections fell far below expectations this week, with new data showing the city government spent $310,000 on the policy but only enlisted 49 new voters.

According to Fox News, “San Francisco reportedly spent $310,000 on a new registration system aimed at getting non-citizens to cast votes in school board elections.”

The program yielded just 49 new voters to date; effectively costing the local government over $6,000 per person.


I’m sure most San Franciscans don’t mind this effluent purging of their hard-earned Socialist bucks.

If no-name Liberal knuckle-heads are good with this per-capita Democratic investment, you can only imagine what the truly wealthy are willing to spend…


All aboard the cum train!

Public transportation is such an enriching, diverse experience.


Police said the 27-year-old victim was standing near the back of the car when an unknown individual boarded the train at the West 59th Street and Columbus Circle station and stood behind her.

When the train stopped at the following stop at the Rockefeller Center station, the victim realized the man ejaculated onto her buttocks and backpack, police said.


somewhere in NY there is a very embarrassed lad at the moment…


Why don’t we encourage our children to use it instead of dwelling on wasteful, homogeneous hybrid blandness?



“Site visit with our protective security advisor…” Homeland Services continues to display its amazing powers of premonition…

Well, well.  Yet another curious case of Federal emergency (“preparedness”) training that finds itself eerily synchronous with a real life incident that’s decidedly not an exercise.

Chris Wallace, interviewing DHS Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, this morning on Fox, asked her about alleged training runs that were held recently at The Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, scene of yesterday’s mass shooting which left 11 people dead.



Semi-curious is the fact the Nielsen did, in fact confirm this. According to her, Homeland Security held training at that synagogue in March when the law agency paid a “site visit” with their “protective security advisor.”

And also semi-curious (semi + semi = a whole Curious token, fyi) is the clumsy edit in Fox’s interview.

I’ve excised the clip from the full Fox interview here. The clumsy, “hard” edit takes place at 41 seconds into my clip.

The DHS’s curious powers of precognition are X-Files worthy.
How do they do it?