An Omen On The Train.

Since I am a bad sleeper, and getting to be an old fart, I frequently nod off during my 45-minute train ride home. I can be sitting there, in the crowded ass train (provided I’m sitting) and literally fall into a sleep state once I close my eyes while my earphones pipe music into my ears. Sometimes I prefer to lean my head on the window, if possible, or on a pole if one is behind me, but I am fully capable of falling asleep in an upright sitting position with no stationary assistance.

All I have to do is close my eyes and within seconds I begin a long series of “micro naps” as I call them. Sporadic descents into sleep state that last seconds at the most, but so many line up that by the time I get home I feel somewhat rested and refreshed. People tell me they think it’s dangerous but I sleep with one wary eye open and my lucid mind seems to be a tad vigilant while my subliminal mind slowly drifts off into dream state. It’s a state of semi-meditation; I hear and see noises that are not in my physical train environment. Some of them strike me as sensory hallucinations that are quite bizarre and eerie. It’s as if I enter a parallel dimension in which reality is momentarily lifted from the filters that shape my perceptions.

Tonight was one such train ride.

I did not sleep a whole lot this weekend and I was quite sleepy. I drifted in and out of sleep in my inner aisle seat. I frequently nodded off only to be awakened by the sensation of my uncontrolled head nodding forward in a rush of unconsciousness several times. At one point I recall that during one of these fugue states I experienced a non-verbalized omen. One that resembled that symbolic, abstract sensation of a dream’s alien aftertaste. I saw the omen, felt the omen, but it wasn’t definable in the concepts of 2D or 3D sensory space that responds to verbal language. I saw a psychic experience with my internal eye. I experienced and knew but did not experience with my outward physical senses; the experience was something smoky that unraveled, through the stage of my psyche, into a physical, mundane understanding which I shall name here.

The omen I had is that tomorrow something would happen, not terribly significant or noteworthy, but which, in hindsight, would extraordinarily presage a future event of magnificent proportions. I had this sensation, it visited me in my in-and-out lapses of wakefulness. Tomorrow, 9/11, something will happen which will point to a future event of such a momentous nature that we will look back and say, “Ahh.”

Just an omen and the blabbering of some moron who falls asleep on the train, But still, thought I should document it.

As I’ve written here, I had a curious experience involving my dream state the morning of that 9/11, 17 years ago.