Gratitude without hashtags.

All the crappy things we say about millennials are mostly accurate. The generational stereotypes we direct at these young folks are validly and justifiably stereotypic. Stereotypes are too much work and trouble to conjure into existence without some semblance of reality supporting them.

However, I will give millennials one thing, a gracious allowance that lessens our stern appraisal: they are merely the culmination of a deteriorating post-War character that has insidiously seeped into the American psyche, one that began with the baby boomers.

Each ensuing generation since the boomers displays this diluted character in greater and greater measure. We may mock millennials, but the truth is that they are simply amplified, regurgitated versions of us boomers, albeit a lot younger and more digitally immersed.

Yeah, millennials are self-absorbed and lazy and entitled…but were boomers far behind? We spawned millennials, there is something of us in them. Clearly.

Each successive generation since WWII’s Greatest has been a poor, weak representation and evolution of the previous. The devolution is exponential and the racing (also exponential) evolution of technology hastens the decline in human character.

Where will this end? How? What are we racing toward…what hellish cave is our soulless existence leading us to?

Are we headed toward a self-correcting global war in which human character will be reset as we are forced to reach deeply into our hearts to summon a new virtuosity, or will a singularity befall us and bring pristine wonder and sloth, and possibly, human obsolescence.

Or all of the above in some strange dystopian Terminator society?



At the root of all human deterioration rests one common, predominant failing which is the essence masterminding our collective deconstruction.

Gratitude, or better, ingratitude, since that is actually the trait which usurps us. Ingratitude possesses us and it manifests in many forms and deviances, but ultimately, our lack of gratitude is gutting our culture, our proud world. Gratitude, beyond implying “thankfulness,” also heralds humility, benevolence and fairness, of the real sort, not some put-on facade of generosity and virtue displayed purely for cosmetic and social media reasons.

Most of today’s public virtue-signaling is cosmetic and fake.  It should not be construed as generosity whatsoever. It is facile, insincere and artificial posturing. This is how people pretend graciousness when their hearts are simply incapable.  They are robots who seek a human disguise by donning artificial displays of kindness.  They are empty souls.

Gratitude is earned through hardship and toil; it does not enter lightly on the wings of a jpeg or a photo album or a march.

The further we drift from the sincerest form of gratitude, the closer we fly to destructive inhumanity which will blindly engulf our well-being.

We do not wear gratitude.  We are gratitude.

Or we’re not. A state of gratitude is the basic element of human existence and anything less is a deviant path, one which we are well on our way in 2018.