Vice Signaling, the other Trump support. Kanye, mah man!

I’ve generally really disliked this guy. I’ve felt he was a brainless thug who compensated for all his character deficits with a severe ghetto attitude. An unpleasant stupid dick.




Where does my distaste go from here?


In the age of the left’s hyper-politicized dominance of late night television, one of the worst examples of the collective anti-Trump hive mind is on NBC’s flagship SNL which has become an extended version of Orwell’s the two-minutes hate.

Not has the show not actually been funny in years, but like the rest of “hate night” television which is now dominated by mean-spirited, foul-mouthed DNC shills like the two Jimmys, Colbert, Maher, Bee and their ilk, has only fed the irrational hatred towards a legitimately elected president and the 63 million Americans who cast their votes for him.

SNL has gotten so bad that original cast member Chevy Chase recently blasted the show as having the “worst f—ing humor in the world” which is quite a damning statement for those who can call what the show puts out as humor.

Enter Kanye who earned the hatred of The Resistance with his defense of Trump that was quickly used to turn him into a pariah of the entertainment industry. The idea that a prominent celebrity of color would dare to speak in a positive manner about the President of the United States was an unforgivable blasphemy.

Still, SNL booked him for the opener and being the canny showman that he is, West would use the nationally televised appearance to show his support of Trump including wearing the hat.

For his sin of thinking and speaking freely, he was bullied and booed by the hate mob that the political left and especially celebs have now become.


I suspect the reason I’ve not cared for him has been that very same spiteful, alienated, standoffish attitude that allows him to openly and defiantly support a firebrand political figure who has polarized this country like never before.

I love Kanye for this! Perhaps it’s that sense of commiseration that brings me to feel such Westian camaraderie.  To be a Trump supporter in select demographics is to openly expose yourself to ridicule and ostracization.

But there is another forgotten level implicit in the conscious support of President Trump that transcends politics, per se.  For many of us, support of Trump and all things MAGA is a “vice signal” that we seriously have no fucks to give, and miraculously handed a supreme gesture of defying the popular blue pilled paradigm, we can’t help but to indulge.

I personally support the nationalist illusion (whether genuine or not) that President Trump represents. I embrace a recursive return to tradition, cultural and societal, of yore. I embrace the snubbing of propriety and falsity his persona exudes.

But most of all, I embrace the villainous symbol he has become to all the rote-left groups I find myself sadly a part of:  entertainment industry, Hispanic, Californian, college educated, artsy, intellectual.

Galifornia, Third World cunthole.

All kinds of vile wrongness with this photo.


Not only is California a leftist Third World Shithole.  It is a female-dominated Third World shithole.

IOW, it is a Third World Cunthole.  The Old Boy’s Club has given way to our new liberation.   We traded in the devil we knew…for Galifornia.



The Titans of Virtue willfully ignore something: most of their daughters drink too much and slut it up.

Attached is a little “FYI” for all those sanctimonious bleeding heart Titans of Virtue that have clogged public discourse with their condemnations of a man’s actions, which 30 years ago in an alien (to today’s) social context: no one gives a fuck about your daughters. That is your job. You impart values, as a parent. If your little girl does not learn to avoid drunken, rambunctious situations where intense sexual tension is implied to all but the stupidest and most naive, she will experience some shit you best not know about.


In fact, as the parent of a teen or college student, you must indulge in a lot of ostrich coping (for the sake of your sanity): stick your head in the sand and just hope they don’t get hurt.

If you have a daughter, especially those raised in  today’s youth environment and its fractured, liberated, dystopic sense of morality and self-fulfillment, chances are she will be an utter drunken whore when in the company of her peers.  And guess what? The boys..her male peers?  They will be horny and also drunk and you would be flabbergasted by the sexually charged dance of misbehavior that binds the two groups.  Have you raised your girl to be smart and discerning?  If so, your payoff is a little peace of mind and trust.



Girls are as complicit as boys.

Get over it. Except in cases of outright violent rape and criminal assault (which most of these drunken forays into groping are not), all behavior is a shared union of social anarchy.  Your daughters and sons are young and they are exploring their independence and absolute dearth of restrictive moralities or mature inhibitions. These are children in grown bodies.  Your snowflakes are whores and sluts who enjoy the hedonism of the moment and they will absolutely revel in wanton behavior.

In 30 years, I guarantee you: most of them will be unrecognizable.

You are.

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Is Chuck Palahniuk a reactionary?

I’m not quite sure what to think of, or expect from, the latest addition to my library.

On the wings of snippets of buzz I’ve heard about Chuck Palahniuk’s (of Fight Club fame) new literary foray, Adjustment Day, 2-day delivery brought the book to my doorstep this week.

I’ve begun reading, and just 33 pages in, I am curious about Chuck Palanhniuk. Is the dude red-pilled?

Or is he a fawning artsy type contriving irony to make a point against that which he despises by mimicking that thing (in that smug ironic and satiric manner that left-wingers adore)?



Adjustment Day, of that slightly absurd-slash-dystopic goofy ilk which brings to mind David Foster Wallace’s mammoth tome, Infinite Jest, in the matter of a few pages has proven to be brimming with many modern right-wing motifs and talking points that can be found routinely in the alt-right blogosector, but I can’t deduce Palahniuk’s motivation; is he goofing on the Right by assuming its identity (albeit fictional) or is there an aspect to the Right Wing worldview he can’t help but embrace?

The prose contains many allusions to a paleolithic semblance of tradition and evolutionary absolutism, so many that I suspect a small, or large, portion of Palahniuk’s psyche is indebted to such ideals and its narrative in some measure.

I have not read “Fight Club,” but I have watched the film a couple of times and the ostensible message of man’s denigration at the hands of modernity and taming civilization leads me to think Palahniuk might just be a bit of a Right-Wing Extremist!

From the book:

On the prospect of an upcoming, pre-ordained war pitting America against Middle-Eastern countries:


His best guess was that Americans were too fractured along the fault lines of personal identity politics.  It seemed that no one cared about other being compelled to gird their loins and perish.  Recent politics had effectively branded young men as an internal enemy–perpetrators of rape culture, school shooters, and neo-Nazis–and media-frightened Americans were glad to see these bad apples culled.


And a despondent, angry father, exacting fiery revenge on his son’s school after a devastating bullying incident left him scarred and beaten:


Lining the halls, big posters showed smiling kids from every place on the planet.  Holding hands under a rainbow with covering the rainbow the words, “Love Comes In Every Color.”

His dad hosed the poster.  Doing so, the look on his dad’s face was worse than any scar.  From his expression, he wanted to be spraying this fire juice into the eyes and mouths of those kids who’d left their footprints on Frankie for the rest of his life.

The whole time Frankie’s dad super-soakered the school walls, he yelled stuff like, “Eat it, cultural Marxism!”  And, “Get fucked, vibrant ethnic diversity!”


Chuck Palahniuk


Palahniuk, openly homosexual, might very well be goofing on the Right.  Masquerading as a rightist could be a cynical, combative gay ploy.

Similarly, some open homo’s have astoundingly proven to be very right-wing.  In today’s world, being right-wing appears to be more of a stigma and alienating self-identification than being gay.   Especially when one is steeped in the arts.

I suspect I will write more of this book as I read it deliberately on my train commutes each day.