Dr. Mark Hausknecht was craftily assassinated.

My latest criminal obsession, the strange murder of Bush cardiologist, Mark Hausknecht, was fueled further by this passage from CNN’s coverage of the doctor’s memorial in Houston today.

This was a high-level, well-planned assassination of what sounds like an entirely unassuming man whose life happened to coincide with George H.W. Bush’s.



Such meticulous preparation belies a malevolent urgency.

(Bold font is my own).

He was found just feet away from a construction site where about 500 workers were on duty at the time he was killed, according to a construction manager at the site. But none of them heard anything because of their equipment.

“We couldn’t hear anything because we have stuff here that’s louder than guns,” the construction manager said.

Scaffolding partially blocks the sidewalk from view, and the construction manager said he and his colleagues didn’t realize anything had happened until they saw emergency vehicles arrive.

“When we seen the yellow bike, we automatically knew it was him,” the construction manager said.

Hausknecht was a friendly commuter, the man added. He passed by every day and always greeted workers.

Footage of Hausknecht riding his bike was taken from a Houston Metro Lift Bus and shared publicly in the days after his death. The video shows the suspected gunman trailing closely behind the physician, just three blocks from where he was shot.

That section of road has security cameras nearby, but they face away from where Hausknecht would have been when he was shot.


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ichael ohen MCCMMMCC K

I honestly cannot even pretend to know what this whole cringy exchange implies.

MSNBC of all places.  I suppose it’s OK and laugh-worthy when it is denigrating anything Trump-related.