Houston PD now admits the murder of George H.W. Bush’s cardiologist might have been a targeted hit.

Right there, just beneath, or behind, today’s onslaught of mirthful MSM news coverage of our brand of 21st Century witch hunting, lurks a story which essentially affirms what I, and many people, believed about the murder of Dr.  Mark Hausknecht since we read accounts last Friday.

Hausknecht, cardiologist to ex-POTUS, George H.W. Bush, was riding his bicycle to work when he was shot from behind by another bicyclist who drove past him seconds before.

I opined it was an obvious hit.

The killer approached the doctor face-to-face prior to contact, a manner of ascertaining absolute identification on the part of the killer. The killer continued past and then turned around and fired 2 deadly shots into the doctor’s back (to avoid screaming or other modes of panic which might divert a clean hit) and sped off on his bike.

At the risk of smugly basking in my sleuthing ingenuity, I admit the facts are obvious and I was hardly the only person to presume this opinion.  It was not so special. Still, the Houston PD did not conjecture at the time, and the crime was steeped in mystery.

Today, it is still steeped in mystery, but the cloud of mystery has darkened because the Houston PD now agrees, and is willing to conjecture:  this was a hit.


There’s a “high probability” a cardiologist who once treated former President George H.W. Bush was targeted when he was fatally shot while riding his bicycle to work, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said Thursday.

Acevedo revealed the new development in the shooting of Dr. Mark Hausknecht in a tweet on Thursday but did not offer additional information on the investigation.

At a news conference on Wednesday, Acevedo said investigators are still trying to determine a motive and they are pursuing various leads and tips.

Acevedo called the case “perplexing” and “truly a whodunit.”

“We’re confident and we’re hopeful that with the help of the community … we’re going to end up identifying this individual and we’ll be able to get justice for the family and most importantly justice for this community,” Acevedo said.

Police have released a composite sketch of the suspected gunman that showed a man wearing glasses and a cap. Investigators say the suspect also wore a fully-loaded olive green backpack at the time of the shooting.

They also released surveillance video and photos that appear to show the shooter riding behind Hausknecht, who was dressed in blue medical scrubs, moments before the fatal encounter.


composite drawing of Dr. Hausknecht’s suspected killer


Well now that the official investigatory law agency with jurisdiction of this case is entertaining the possibility it was a hit job, we’re left holding a certifiable whodunit worthy of the most nefarious type of conspiracy theorizing: that involving national political families and elitist internationalism.

Why a cardiologist, whose friends and family describe as a humble and generous man?  One who volunteered in his community.  Assuming there are no skeletons in this closet, what cause has he given anyone to go out of their way to see to is carefully crafted demise?





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