умышленное невежество…this is how people can sincerely accuse Russia of meddling in our election, while avoiding any pangs of hypocrisy.

The onslaught has been frenzied and gratuitous.

Left, Right, the anti-Trump herd is furiously taking to the cyberwaves to express its self-righteous scoldporn in massive amounts of emetogenic condescension.

“Donald Trump is guilty of treason,” they piddle with consternation.

“Russia meddled in our 2016 election,” they waddle.

Blah blah blah.



If you have left-wing Facebook friends, you might endure this.



Do people take a second, even a minute, to ascertain the possibility that maybe, just maybe, the United States is reaping what it sowed during the Clinton-Bush-Obama 24-year clown show?

How many times has the United States, heralded by Democratic and neocon Republican cucks, meddled in Russia’s domestic affairs with the express purpose of vanquishing Vladimir Putin and disrupting the nefariously anti-liberal Russian empire?

Hardly. The left prefers to shriek their putrid little hearts out in sanctimonious streams of bile. And the Republican naysayers, criticizers of Trump, turn an ignorant eye for they know: Russia had a free pass as payback, for our historic behavior has been less than heroic.

Russia got theirs now. Trump is ready to start with a blank slate now that the reckoning is filed.

Hence, the future awaits.