Obama Fawn Porn, hotter than ever. In honor of the greatest zero sum President of our generation.

I grabbed this clip from one of those countless videos circulating what I would describe as, at best, “Obama fawn porn.”    And made a horrid gif of it.

You know those videos, right?  Soft music, magical imagery, plodding sanctification of a mundane President…?

Post-Obama butthurt Dems longing for days of rainbows and hollow platitudes.



There is a canyon-sized swath of Americana stillborn in a fantastical Obamian reverie that lets them sincerely glamorize the 8 years of his Presidency as a magical era of virtue and SJW society that could do no wrong.  This mindset is ingrained in our culture like a rusted fish hook.  If it was merely a matter of romanticizing a President for his own sake, it might not be so grating, but these Obama fawners extend their temporal fascination to denigrating the current President at the expense of reason and taste.

Where they adulate Obama for no good reason, they childishly destroy Trump’s world beyond the realm of logic and reality.




How fucked are we?

Barack was not the greatest nor was he the worst.

He was innocuous and boring, a nondescript man who stood for nothing other than artificially conjured snippets of virtuous posturing and one-hour-drama gravitas.

The clip above embodies the Obama Presidency quite well:  vapid, cosmetic, meatless, shallow, and above all, pointless.

A zero sum Presidency.