A few thoughts about dimensions and their co-existence, and divergent realities and lifeforms.

What came first? The five human senses (and which appear to be found commonly across Earth’s mammalian species) are a puzzle.

I postulate 2 models responsible for the genesis of physical dimension:

Efficient:  Did our senses develop in response (Darwinian, evolutionarily) to our cosmic environment in order to allow us to maximally fend with the physical rigors of our world and necessity of survival?

Omniscient:  Or did our senses develop independently of our vast environment. Independently, and I might add, randomly.  This presupposes we inherited our kit of senses (we, collectively, including most animal species as well) that neglects a whole sphere of sensory triggers beyond our wildest imagination for essentially, our imagination is limited by our Earthly senses.

I tend to favor the Efficient model for I believe that life evolves in a strict utilitarian march of maximum interaction and minimal energy expenditure. Our evolved senses developed in response to the largest and most directly influential physical dimensions. Any quantum dimensions are infinitesimal in scope and complexity and have little bearing on the rudimentary skills needed to survive an elemental existence on this planet.

The 10th or 8th dimensions had little interpretable effect in the realm of our physically conscious existence so there was no need for evolution to endow us with sensory organs that could detect and define such “invisible” dimensions. Does this impart a hierarchy among dimensions? Not really…in and of themselves, dimensions must be, at the least, equal in relevance, but for living creatures inhabiting this planet, weighing a few hundred or thousand pounds, our three dimensions are the most efficient set of spaces necessary for survival.

What of the rest of the dimensions?

In both models I laid out, higher dimensions exist (dimensions outside our mortal scope).

Despite the fact we possess rudimentary sensory organs, are we equipped, in some manner, to detect some of these “invisible” dimensions?

In the Omniscient model, are there modes of life able to tap into other dimensions invisible to us but which simultaneously lack the ability to discern our 3 senses and thus, lack the vision or awareness to comprehend our “reality” and hence, us?  Do we co-exist with these  beings but due to the vast cosmic chasm which separates our multi-dimensional existences, and is there no overlap or intermingling (that we are aware of)?

Or in the Efficient model, did divergent forms of life evolve senses able to discern other dimensions invisible to us because in that reality, that physical realm, the impetus to evolve occurred parallel to ours, but in an entirely alien, incomprehensible manner. Do dimensions, by virtue of their incompatibility, spawn their own lives and own realities, ie, worlds?

Does our dimensional plane, the surface we walk, exist for us only.  Is something as simple as the floor we stand on beyond the scope of understanding for our parallel dimension neighbors?