Aztecs for Trump. Thank you, “Ahuitzotl.”

There is so much “noise” in today’s social media arena when it concerns the politics of Left vs. Right that the whole paradigm has been transformed into one incessant whine of argument vs. argument and volume vs. volume.

The same shit is bellowed over and over and it’s easy to become desensitized to the tension and clamor until soon, nothing is remarkable and the echo chamber becomes numbing.

So in the latest case of the pretentiously named Kino Ahuitzotl Jimenez (Aztec Warrior, ret.), aka, Whataburger Employee from Hell, from Texas, and his battery of a teen customer wearing a MAGA cap, the din has risen and it’s difficult to get a word in edgewise.

Jimenez threw the first blow and unfortunately all public criticism of him now merely bolsters his lefty cred and even adds a little sparkle to his subversive acclaim. No press is the ultimate form of countering his actions in the public arena, but since people are unable to simply resist the temptation to join the shouting match, the next best maneuver aimed at destroying his ten minutes of fame is one I saw earlier on a social media post.

Don’t argue with Jimenez; usurp his image and make it representative of that which he detests most, and is known for: Donald Trump.


What do contraband fireworks and border jumpers have in common? Let’s just call them “unauthorized” already.

Apparently, the word “illegal” has become tainted with the stain of politicization such that its description has become a double entendre shitshow of muddled meanings and arguments.

Local ABC outlet, KABC 7, Tweeted a 2 minute video taken from its roving newscopter last night highlighting the swarm of backyard  and block party firework displays last night in order to visualize how rampant illegal fireworks have become in the metropolitan Los Angeles area.

As evidenced by some of the Tweeted replies, the phrase “illegal fireworks” opens up a can of worms for some.



It doesn’t help that many of the illegal fireworks in SoCal are funneled through Mexico by, and lit by Hispanics in their own yards and neighborhoods in an act of disobedient eschewing of professional fireworks shows at parks and other outdoor venues which is what “respectable” and civilized folks do. It’s not that they are more “patriotic” in any sense of the word. It’s about explosions and dramatic loud macho behavior akin to shooting your gun at the sky.  The Mexican neighborhoods and families prefer small collectives of celebration rather than codified celebrations of demarcated legal allowance.

Apparently, KABC wasn’t sure how to address the semantic issue, so they wavered.

Fireworks can both be illegal,


and unauthorized,


My vote is for “unauthorized.”  It is more palatable to the liberal ears than “illegal,” but a bit more punitive than “undocumented.”


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