A meme I’ve never seen before, I’ll call it “slappy.”

I spied a clever “new” meme, but I hesitate to use the descriptor new in a resolute or confident manner, for when it comes to internet motifs, always seems they are at least 5 years old by the time you stumble upon them and thus expose yourself to ridicule when the entire juvenile cyberworld mocks you for your inability to keep up with the times and the said motif’s advanced digital age.

And once again, you are the alienated buffoon limping along, holding up the rear.

Now this meme is new in my world.  That is all I will say.  As they say, it’s not a re-run if you’ve never seen it before. Likewise, it’s a new meme if…

The elemental gist of the meme involves 3 standard props:

-A car salesman
-A car
-A prospective buyer taking it all in with a pensive hand on his chin.

Simple enough, right?

That’s the beauty of memes: their outward simplicity and apparent lack of explicit sophistication.

But that’s the beauty of memes, also: the beautiful sophistication and ingenuity must be teased out and scrutinized through the haze of mundane illusion. But when you see it…why the reward is captivating.

This first example I bring you focuses on horny online Indian dudes.  It contains the rudimentary elements I mentioned. The salesman, the buyer and the car.


This one editorializes about sexual relativism. This series is right-wing oriented, but I’m sure it can be converted to whichever political statement you see fit.


This one cleverly combines several media formats while calling out left-wing falsities that seek to justify the promise of Third World immigrants.


This is a self-deprecating version which is painfully too close to the truth.


And this, my favorite, hinting at the murky and mysterious side of Michelle Obama’s genderfluid rumors.


This here is a blank template for those who wish to try their hand at perpetuating this a little further…


And on the subject, hmm.
I couldn’t resist. Can I ever?