Blogging from the throes of paradise.

When traveling, the modern civilization dweller’s greatest pretension and illusion of freedom, there are two types of people.

There are those who seek to insulate themselves from the experience as much as possible.  They are smugly removed from the raw elements of their travel and they revel in these “shields” from reality and there they remain complacently content in the hermetically sealed snow globe of exotic “existence.”  They witness from afar behind the bars of their self-imposed cages.

And there are those people who seek to get their hands dirty and experience travel for the guttural, brutish business that it is.  They do not seek shields.  They have no barriers, no insulation, from their exploration;  they wallow in the murk of distant lands and foreign experiences.  They embrace the unsure and the filth, and are drawn not to the flash, but the scrum.

And everyone else rests somewhere between these two extremes..